Michael Flatley’s Lord of The Dance Travelling Australia

My mum loves everything to do with her home country. Growing up, I spent time after school and on the weekends working in my mum’s shop. I helped sell everything from Irish linen tea-towels to Michael Flatley’s Riverdance and Lord of The Dance dvd’s. My mum would dance with customers, sing celtic tunes and talk about her childhood growing up in Northern Ireland, it was so much fun. But once the rent got to high and the g.s.t came in, my mum decided to retire. But to this day she still speaks fondly of her little irish shop, and her many trips back home to Ireland.


My parents and my daughter – Southbank

When I received an email from Ticketmaster recently, I was a tad excited to see Michael Flatley’s new dance was coming to Australia. OMG – mum would love to see this show. So I did what any great daughter would do 🙂 and I purchased tickets. Last night Mitchell and I took my parents to see the latest dance extravaganza, created by the most spectacular tap dancer of all time – Michael Flatley. I can’t tell you how many times I have watched Riverdance and Lord of The Dance on dvd….hundreds, possibly even over a thousand times. My mum always had it playing in her shop or at home. But I can tell you this, watching it live was so much better.


The stage at Melbourne’s Art Centre is not big, but the performers worked it without a problem, showing just how fabulous they are. If you are familiar with Michael’s previous work, you would know that each show has a spectacular story to tell. Dangerous Games was no different. Good against evil, hope against despair….the magic and the splendour was spectacular. Ground-breaking technology that included holographs, dancing robots, acrobats and 34 of the greatest Irish Dancers in the world. Gorgeous costumes and special effect lighting all added to a breath-taking new dimension to the original masterpiece that was Lord of The Dance. A passionate timeless love story that had everyone on their feet. It was amazing!


So do yourself a favour and head on over to Ticketmaster and arrange an exciting night for you and your partner. Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games will be travelling around Australia until the end of the month. With ticket’s starting around $91.46 per person, you and your loved one can cosy up and be swept away in the beauty and extravagance that is irish dancing. Enjoy the magic….enjoy the adventure….enjoy the romance that is Dangerous Games.

x x x

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