10 Thoughtful and Romantic Gestures

Occasionally, all we need are a few romantic gestures to help put the “ooh-la-la” back into our lives. Relationships don’t always need expensive or extravagant gifts, what matters most are the day to day gestures and shows of affection. A simple act of love and kindness is all it takes to leave your partner feeling all giddy. A romantic act can make your partners day. It doesn’t matter if you are a husband or a wife, a boyfriend or a girlfriend. What matters most is that you care enough to want to show your partner how much you still care.

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Below are 10 romantic gestures that you can use to let your partner know that you are still very much in love with them. They are to motivate you, and to remind you of the commitment you have taken to share your passions, your goals and your lives together. Use these suggestions with your partner and cherish the moments created by using these inspiring ideas.

# 1 – Leave a message on your partner’s voicemail or answering machine and say something naughty. Doesn’t matter whether its midmorning and on your way to pick up the kids. Give your partner something to think about 😉 Let them know what you’re wearing, or not wearing….visit a lingerie store and let them know you’re shopping for something new. Take a snap while you’re in the change room.

# 2 – Popping into your local supermarket on the way home, pick up your partners favourite treat. Some chocolates or a yummy ice-cream. Perhaps a delicious selection of cheese, some crackers and a bottle of wine to enjoy on the back patio.

# 3 – Help out in the kitchen while your partner is preparing dinner. Leave a few buttons undone in your shirt, maybe even remove it all together. Its all about having some fun. Depending on what is being cooked maybe you could take some sauce or food and rub it on your partners neck….use your tongue to lick it off 😉

# 4 – Have young kids? Wait until they are in bed and asleep and fill the bath with warm water. Walk out to your partner wearing just a bathrobe and ask him to join you. Whoops, you didn’t tie the belt and your robe came apart….use the belt and throw it over your partners lap. Entice with a relaxing, soothing massage.

# 5 – Have a favourite song? Perhaps something you chose for your wedding day. Burn it to a disk and put it into your partners car. Leave a post it on the steering wheel for them to see on their way to work. Add it to your partners smart phone, and place a post it asking them to think of you while they play the song.

# 6 – Ok, this is a tad sexy… Lay a towel on top of your bed covers and get out some candles. Then set up a tray with shaving cream, new razors and a small choice of moisturisers and oils. Give your partner a trim….. down below. After you have had some fun, rub in some body lotion or body oils to get them in the mood.

# 7 – Got kids? – ask family or friends to babysit. Pack a blanket and pick up some takeaway and go sit down by the beach and watch the sunset. Visit a local lookout or hilltop and enjoy the views together.

# 8 – Ever been to a restaurant and have had trouble choosing a meal? Spice things up a bit and choose each others dishes. Move your chairs closer together and share both your meals.

# 9 – This will put a smile on your face, but its amazing how much fun you can have… put on a show! If you have been to the cinema over the past few months, chances are you may have seen the sexy dance flick Magic Mike? Show your partner your own moves. You don’t have to be a “professional” dancer, its all about having some fun.

# 10 – A oldie but a goodie 🙂 Breakfast in bed. You can’t go wrong with this timeless act of love. Even if its something simple like a tub of yoghurt, put it on a tray. Don’t have a garden? Sneak over to the neighbours and snip a lovely flower from their garden. Place it beside the breakfast and take that to your loved one.

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Its not always about throwing your clothes across the room and having a 2 minute tumble across the bed 🙂 It is also about those small romantic gestures, those simple acts of love and kindness that help keep the romance alive. Its about bringng a smile to each others faces, when they least expect it. Love is about letting your partner know you still love them. Today, tomorrow and for the rest of your lives.

x x x

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