Date Night With Robbie Williams

My man Mitchell thinks Robbie Williams is “the man”. If he could of afforded it, he would have purchased tickets for every single one of his concerts across Australia. In fact, if a shrine was erected on our front lawn tomorrow, I wouldn’t be at all surprised. I love music, I love listening to everything from Madonna to Patsy Cline, Bryan Adams to Lawson…..but for Mitchell – it’s Robbie or nothing. So for the past week its been Robbie playing on the stereo or Robbie’s live concert dvd at Knebworth playing on the tv. At night he has had Robbie playing on his headphones….this man crush has been getting a tad ridiculous.


So finally last rolled around and we got to watch the reformed bad boy perform at Melbourne’s Rob Laver Arena. Was Mitchell sick of listening to him by then, no….but I was! Arriving at the arena Mitchell pointed to the merchandise stands and asked if I wanted to buy anything. Really….like what? another dvd? We have all of his music….”a t-shirt for you to wear to bed Mitch?” lol So after he did his eye roll and tried to play off my words, we walked to the bar and got drinks. Beer and a Cosmo….ok, I can sit through 2 hours of more Robbie.


My man was like a pig in sh##, oh yeh, we had good seats and I must admit I was getting a tad more excited about the evening. Support bands are never given enough freedom to entertain like the big boys. I know the main act doesn’t want to be out done but the “little guys” but a bit more stage presence would have been appreciated. Props with blankets over them was a bit annoying, but Robbie’s intro act and fellow British entertainers Lawson were still good to watch live. I already knew their songs, but most of the audience didn’t. But from the crowds reception, I think the guys have won over a few new fans.


Robbie….he wanted everyone to know he was doing things his way, but maybe someone should have told him that wasn’t such a good idea. Everyone knows he is a great performer, and sounds just as good live, but I was under the impression I would be watching him perform his own songs. He did sing some of his big hits such as Let Me Entertain You – his opening song; Better Man, Rock DJ and his #1 hit Angels but Queen? Oasis? Suzi Quatro? The Beatles? wwhhaattt??!! Don’t get me wrong, he did a great job and sang them very well….but what about his other songs Millennium? or Advertising Space? I wanted a bit more Robbie. He has enough of his own hits, he really doesn’t need to sing other peoples. It left me wondering, is he bored of his own music?


My most fav moment was when he sang with his dad, that was one of those awwwww moments. His pa couldn’t sing all that well but it was a special and momentous performance all the same. Robbie, Robbie…Robbie….the man could sing the panties of your grandmother, but oh how I wish he would release some new music. I admire his jazz, but I love his pop music more. Overall, the show was ok…maybe a bit better than ok 🙂 hhmm, alright…I am glad I went. As for Mitchell, well I think he was also a tad disappointed Robbie didn’t sing more of his own songs too, but he still thought it rocked. Next time he is in town we will probably go again, but I hope he has some more hits under his belt by then.

x x x


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