Seduction Game by Pamela Clare

There isn’t a day that goes by when someone isn’t recommending a book to me. I get told time and time again that a particular book is fabulous, has a great plot, is a fabulous author… and then I read it and throw my hands up in the air. That was supposed to be good?!? Then one day you come across a book that is so well written that its like a ‘come to jesus’ moment. Oh hello…… well, for me that was a few years ago when I read Pamela Clare’s first book from her I-Team Series titled Extreme Exposure. I just felt like yelling out to the world – “That’s how it’s done people!”.

Quiet simply put, author Pamela Clare is talented. Very talented!! She knows how to write a good story. Throughout the entire series, Pamela has kept me spellbound. Great world building, fabulous characters, engaging intricate plots and no messy grammar. She just nails it every single time!! It is so wonderful to read a book that makes sense, has me completely captivated and is such a delight to read. There just isn’t enough words to express how wonderful she is. I have never met Pamela, have never been asked by Pamela nor have I been contacted by her publishers to provide a review. I simply want to share her work with all those that visit my blog. She is that good.

As of a few days ago, Pamela’s latest book Seduction Game was published. I read it, of course 🙂 and I am still wearing a great big smile on my face. Ohhh, my oh my woman – those men….Nick….in the words of Shania Twain “Man I Feel Like a Woman!!!” 😉 I have been waiting for Holly’s story, and once again I was not disappointed. I was a tad shocked…..Holly was what???!!!! Pamela, you devil….that was one hell of a well-kept secret!!!! So I wont tease any of you any longer – here is my review of Pamela’s latest book, Seduction Game.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 8.16.51 pm

Holly Elisa Bradshaw enjoys nothing more than fine clothes, gorgeous foot ware and the chiselled features of a fine, fit alpha male 😉 As the Entertainment writer for the Denver Independent Holly’s job entails interviewing the rich and famous. Hooking up with a sexy oil tycoon, a successful banker from South Africa or a Saudi Prince was once fun. But watching her close friends find happiness in the arms of wonderful men, has left Holly questioning if she is ready for more.

After a few dates with a successful art dealer, Holly wants nothing more than to end their relationship. It is the love of a kind sexy man who Holly longs for, not the sloppy kisses of the arrogant art dealer Sasha Dudayev. Her plans with Sasha are sabotaged when she passes out in his penthouse, only to wake a few hours later to a dead body and unhappy hotel security guards.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 8.14.13 pm

Nick has never forgotten his former lover who was murdered during an undercover operation. The past 2 years have left Nick with more questions than answers. How was the operation exposed, and why was his lover Dani murdered? Hoping to find more information, Nick is sent to Denver on a surveillance expedition. His government department want Nick to keep an eye on Holly Bradshaw, a journalist suspected as working for the international arms smuggler.

The longer he watches Holly, the more he thinks his department has made a mistake. Holly seems more interested in being spoiled by rich men than working as an underworld operative. But when Nick is pressured to get more answers he decides to take matters into his own hands, kidnapping Holly and forcing her to confess her secrets.

Seduction Game is sexy, thrilling and wildly romantic. A fabulous romantic suspense that will leave you just as hooked as I have been. Download your copy today and find out what all the tension and thrills are about.

x x x

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