Hophaus: Best German Restaurant in Melbourne

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It’s easy to sit around the house and think up a list of things that need to be done. Ironing, change the bed sheets, clean out the fridge, wash the car, but you know what? I could not be bothered doing any of that today. I am on strike! It will all be waiting for me when I get home, but today Mitchell and I are going into the city and we are going to enjoy a nice walk along Melbourne’s Southbank. If we happen to stop for a glass of wine, then so be it 😉

River Cruises, Crown Casino, helicopter rides, street performers, cafes and restaurants – Southgate, along the banks of the Yarra river is a fabulous shopping and entertainment district. In amongst all the wonderful stores and eateries is a wonderful gem called Hophaus. This fabulous art deco-inspired dining hall features an open rotisserie-fired kitchen, a centrepiece glazed polychrome bier bar featuring 30 draft bier taps, and some of my favourite dishes reminiscent of my childhood.


My Olpa and Olma (grandfather and grandmother) taught my dad to cook traditional german foods that I occasionally enjoy today. When I visit home, my dad will cook Veil Schnitzels with Red Cabbage and Potato Salad. Sometimes he would alternate the red cabbage for Sauerkraut (another yummy cabbage dish). On special occasions my dad cooks Pork and Knodel (dumplings) which is always a family favourite. Now that I live a 4 hour dive away from my parents, I don’t get to many opportunities to visit home. But since I found Hophaus, I no longer feel so homesick.

We have been here a few times now and we love it. The food is fabulous and always cooked well, their variety of beers, wine and cocktails are both diverse and exceptional and the service is nothing short of great. I have tried their Schnitzel and got a tad emotional. I thought my dad was the best 😉 The Wurstplatten (sausages) is ‘saliva dripping’ delicious and the Crispy Pork Knuckle was to die for. I didn’t eat all this in one sitting… just in case you where wondering were I stored all that food, but once you visit Hopuas, you will be just like me and return time and time again.


Treat yourself to some wonderful traditional german foods and try their refreshing biers (beers) As their motto says – it’s not just about swirling and sniffing, it is also about drinking and enjoying 🙂 we sure did that. Next time your thinking of doing something with your partner, and you’re in the city of Melbourne, hop on over to Hophaus – the best german dining hall in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Located on the second floor of Melbourne’s Southgate promenade.
Ph No: (03) 9682 5900
Email: prost@hophaus.com.au

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