Beware of The Doghouse – Hilarious!

If you have never understood the term “being sent to the doghouse” then you are about to find out. The term has been around for years and is used when your partner is in trouble for doing something inconsiderate or even a tad nasty. When I was younger I witnessed my mother send my father there on more than one occasion. I have also watched my sister Kellie send her husband Dwayne there a few times. I have even sent Mitchell to this place of reflection. Many men – and women – don’t realise just how bad the situation was until they find themselves in this place. But do they learn from their mistakes? Do they know how to?

No one likes being sent to the “doghouse”, especially the men in this entertaining video clip below. But how did these captives learn? Did they escape? More importantly how did they win back the affection of their loved ones. If you would like to learn how to not end up in this place yourself, simply check out the funny clip below.

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