Nothing More Than a Fairytale?

When I was around 13, 14…15 years old, I would dream about my life as a young woman. I would have my fancy apartment in the city, drive a red sports car and my partner would be tall, dark and handsome. I would be working in the city for some successful big global company and I would one day have my 2.5 kids and the white picket fence in the inner suburbs. Instead I left school at the end of year 11, declined the offer as an apprentice hair dresser in my small country town and travelled around Australia. By the time I was 20, I was pregnant to Mr tall, dark and handsome and was living with his “interesting” family in the middle of ‘whoopsville’ Tasmania. Real life took a much different route than my dreams.

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After a turbulent couple of years I finally got my life back on track. I returned to my home town but never got that big amazing job, nor did I ever drive a fancy red sports car. I did watch my father being run over by a red Porsche once but don’t worry, it wasn’t anything overly traumatic. My dad was a mechanic until he sold up and retired. The red Porsche was an accident that didn’t involve me thankfully, but did leave my dad with terrible burns and a few broken ribs. He bears the scars to this day, but thankfully re-tells the story with a good ole’ light hearted chuckle.

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As an adult, I am proud to say that I have brought into the world two very healthy happy girls who have been the centre of my universe. Helping and encouraging them to be all that they can be and more, has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. As an adult, I may not have had my own office space overlooking the harbour, but I have had some rewarding  jobs working in administration. As for my knight in shining armour, he ended up being a strawberry blonde guy with a respectable job and a great big heart of gold. A very kind and gentle man who has been there for me when times have been tough.

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My younger self wanted to be swept of her feet. Wined, dined and taken on some of the most amazing adventures. Was I silly to ever want that? No, I wasn’t. Should I apologise for having a big heart and an even bigger imagination….no. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be with a man who would open the door for me, take me out to dinner or fly me to New York just so I could stand at the top of the Empire State Building and yell “Shit, this is high” 🙂 But does it happen all the time – no. I am an adult now and have learned that we have to work hard and save to buy the nice house, the nice car and enjoy the wonderful holidays. But did I ever stop dreaming…no I haven’t!

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As a teenager my dreams and goals may have seemed like wishful thinking, but to me those dreams were great big neon signs showing me things I could one day have. If it wasn’t for those years of day dreaming, I would never have had anything to aspire to, I would never have had something to aim for and I would never have felt the amazing feelings I have felt when some of those dreams have come true. Can you have the fairytale? Honestly…yes you can. Are there men who want that? Yes there are. If you meet a guy that tells you it is wrong to want that, then that in itself is wrong, because he doesn’t want that and he has no plans or desire to ever help you achieve it.

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Life is what ever you want it to be. Just because someone else doesn’t believe in it, doesn’t mean that you can’t have it. It’s your life, it’s your dream, it’s your choice. Work your butt off, make the best decisions you can and aim for the stars. Why do we dream of something so big? Because we have seen and witnessed other people achieve it. So why can’t you!!??

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  1. Bravo, Bravo Bravo…well said. I used be called a dreamer, and I am but like you said dreams are what inspire us to reach and reach high. Well said and this post should inspire every reader to dream or to stay inspired to fulfill their dreams!


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