Sydney Vacation For Two

Nothing like planning lots of outdoor activities and the weather decides to turn on you….grrr. After making a few detours in search of an umbrella I finally made it to Cockle Bay, on the west side of Sydney’s city centre. With beautiful parks, great shops and fabulous cafes, bars and restaurants to choose from, Cockle Bay (also known as Darling Harbour) is a great place to visit and enjoy a romantic day out.

Do you have plans to visit Sydney? If you do, then you have to visit the Chinese Garden of Friendship situated on the southern side of Tumbalong Park. Its an amazing feeling visiting this place, you can’t help but feel like you have been transported to Shanghai. The gardens and ponds are simply breathtaking. You can see how much love the landscapers, sculptors and overall designers have invested in this haven. The detail in the feature walls, the huts with there traditionally curved roofs and even the bridges is amazing. There is such a beautiful feeling of tranquility and peace when you sit and take in the gardens, waterfalls and sculptures, or just watching the Koi and turtles swim. Even simply meandering along the paths is a relaxing, delightful experience. I highly recommend the Chinese Garden of Friendship for a beautiful romantic day out. Admission is $6.00 per adult.

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Walking back through Tumbalong Park towards the bay you will pass Sydney’s Imax Theatre. Thinking of watching one of the latest blockbuster movies, or maybe a romantic flick? You could always enjoy the latest movie on the world largest screen. All along the boardwalk you will find great little shops such as Andersen’s of Denmark, an award winning Danish ice creamery that produce fresh ice cream on their premises daily.

The Australian National Maritime Museum is a fabulous place to visit. They actually have the HMB Endeavour, a replica of James Cooks ship that was built in Western Australia and launched in Freemantle late 1993. I was actually living in Mandurah at the time and travelled up the coast for the launch. It was amazing, watching it roll down the plank way from the shed which it was built. Bands playing old time music, people everywhere, it was a fabulous day. The museum is also home to retired war ships, and even a submarine. They also have a range of historical artefacts and documents including timeless pieces that will amaze any lover of Australian history. Admission is $27.00 per adult.

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Across the little bay you will find Sea-life Sydney Aquarium and Wildlife Sydney Zoo. I didn’t visit either of these two establishments, simply because I didn’t have enough time. I was looking forward to seeing the butterfly garden and Rex, the saltwater crocodile but it just wasn’t meant to be. But if you have time, and your in the area, why not drop in and have a look. Captain Cook Cruises are situated just out front of these establishments, with lots of romantic dining and sightseeing cruises for anyone interested in going out onto the bay.

All along Cockle Bay (also known as Darling Harbour) there are great bars and cafes. There is also the Lindt Cafe…..if you love chocolate as much as I do, then you will enjoy popping in for a quick browse. There is also a great brewery and cocktail lounge along the boardwalk. As you stroll along you see lots of great little knick-knack stores and places of interest. Its a great day out, not far from Sydney’s inner city and great hotels such as Four Points by Sheraton Darling Harbour Sydney or the Meriton Serviced Apartments Sydney which have fabulous accommodation and great staff to help with anything you may need.

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We live in such a great country, we have it all…from our snow capped ski resorts in Victoria to our tropical islands in Northern Queensland. Our tribal plains of Central Australia to our captivating gorges in the Northern Territory. Our cities maybe our business hubs but they also hold the history of our forefathers and discoverers. So plan a trip and visit our Capital Cities. Explore and learn of our great history.

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