Romance at Taylor Swift Concert

I took both my daughters and one of their friends to Taylor Swifts concert on Friday night, and I was a tad surprised. I thought the venue would be full of teeny-boppers, but the crowd was made up of men and women of all ages. Most intriguing was how the international performer brought out the softer side of her fans – which shouldn’t have been surprising when you consider the number of marriage proposals that have taken place at her Australian concerts. It seems each time the American singer visits our shores, fans make plans to surprise their loved ones. With some mood lighting and a romantic tune such as Taylor’s 2008 hit song from her Fearless album, Love Story, guys and even a few girls have taken the opportunity to express their own love during one of her shows.

Just these past few weeks, couples have ended up on Taylor’s own social media accounts as well as Australian media sites for their romantic declarations of love. According to the Gladstone Observer Wezley Pitt from Gladstone asked his long time girlfriend Mellissa Watt to marry him during Taylor’s Saturday night show in Brisbane. While the tall and energetic Ms Swift was up in front singing her hit ballad ‘Love Story’, Wezley made his move, dropping to his knee in front of stunned fans. According to the online paper, “We first met at a pool party and Taylor Swift was playing in the background,” Wezley said. Aww, doesn’t get much more romantic than that 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 9.21.01 pm

Youtube is full of marriage proposals with fans using one of Taylor’s concerts as a romantic backdrop. I witnessed it myself when I went to Taylors concert at Melbourne’s AAMI Park Stadium on Friday night. Each time the lights dimmed a little and Taylor started to sing one of her more intimate tunes, couples could be seen holding each other a little closer. One such couple dressed in bright red t-shirts standing only 2 rows behind me spent an entire song looking into each others eyes. I felt like a bit of a perv’, but the scene was so beautiful.

Even Taylor’s much-loved tunes How You Get The Girl and Wildest Dreams from her current international award-winning Album 1989 was enough to send her romantic fans into an embrace. It was so cute. There’s truly nothing like watching a wonderful artist perform live, but it is even more beautiful when you see how much her music affects those around her. It can be a mesmerising experience, but it can be so much better when you have someone special to share the experience with.

Attending Taylor Swifts concert was a lot of fun. Her more upbeat songs were energetic and got the crowd up on their feet, but it was her ballads that brought out her fans emotions. It may have been Taylor’s Love Story, but it was a fairy tale for many of her fans, a story they will tell for many years to come.

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