Happy New Year

As 2014 counts down its final hours and we all get ourselves ready to celebrate the start to another exciting year, the team at My Romance Addiction would like to wish you all a safe and happy new years celebration…

All across Australia from our capital cities to our remote country communities, people will be celebrating new hopes and dreams with their family, friends and loved ones. Be it a bar, a bbq or a quiet drink at home, we will all be reminiscing about the year that leaves us. New goals fulfilled or maybe dearest ones lost to us, tonight is a time to remember those special occasions we shared and those we hold dear to our hearts. Raise a glass tonight….maybe raise a few 😉 and reflect on all that was.

Tonight is not just about looking back on the past 12 months, it’s also about making new plans. Set some new goals and make new plans to bring even more joy to your life in the year ahead. Please remember, and I can’t say this strongly enough – its a new year….its a new start, think about what you want, deep down in your heart. Feel that exciting little flutter? Go with it! Theres no reason why you can’t give your dreams a go….anything is possible!

2015 is about you…..your family…..your friends….and your loved ones, hold them all close, tell them you love them and enjoy the year ahead. 2015 is all about new hope, new dreams and new memories….and they start tonight.

Have a safe and happy evening and make a wish at midnight…..I will be…

x x x

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