James Packer Proposed To Mariah Carey!

Oh yeah, they did it 😉 We may not know all the itty bitty details like whether James sang ‘We Belong Together’ in his deep Aussie accent, but what we do know is that according to the Daily Telegraph, James proposed to Mariah with a rock believed to be worth around 4 million dollars. Not a big gesture really, just some small change James had in his back pocket. And the ring…run of the mill actually. Nothing over the top, just a friggin’ meteor the size of Sydney Harbour!

35 Carats…you can’t see the knuckle on her finger. You don’t need weights to work your biceps honey, just life a glass of champagne a few more times. Damn! Actually in all honesty, the ring is gorgeous. A tad big for my taste, but still spectacular. Could you imagine the insurance on that thing?!! ‘No don’t come to us…we will come to you…’ And how would he have hidden that away? “Is that a cigar in your pocket honey or are you just happy to see me?” It is what’s left of some poor schmucks mine, that’s what it is.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 8.45.40 pm

‘Kaching’ – the bling!

Mariah, oh Mariah…I am happy for her. Despite my witty sarcasm she really hasn’t had much luck in love. She was married to American music executive Tommy Mottola in the 90’s but had the common sense to leave after discovering he wasn’t a very nice person. Apparently he was a tad controlling. And who in their right mind would put up with that?!! So ‘One Sweet Day’ she decided enough was enough, packed her bags and as Aladdin would put it “I’m outta here!”

After a few years spent finding her place in the world, the internationally renowned performer had fans excited when she started dating comedian Nick Cannon. The pair got hitched in the Bahamas in 2008 after a short but sweet romance. In April of 2011, the much-loved pair welcomed twins Monroe and Moroccan into the world. The occasion just happened to also coincide with their third year wedding anniversary. Now that’s what I call a spectacular anniversary gift ‘Happy Anniversary honey, have this! …Not enough, here, have another one!’ 🙂  Everything was going well, so well in fact that Nick and Mariah renewed their wedding vows at Disneyland, California in 2013. But the bubble burst, and not even a year later the couple were going their own ways. By April 2015, the couple had officially divorced.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 9.24.09 pm

Across the Pacific ocean, one very wealthy gentleman was just waiting for the right woman to fall into his lap. Well not exactly, but hey, it sounds cute…right?!! 🙂 The Aussie businessman had a few failed marriages under his own belt. James was married to Jodhi Meares in late 1999, for a short time… like a very short time. After three years, the couple went their own ways. No-one knows why, but they are still friends to this day which I think is rather admirable. After four years of dating model Erica Baxter, in June of 2007 James walked down the aisle again in a magnificent wedding along the French Riviera. Romantic! James and Erica have 3 adorable children, two daughters and a son. The high society couple divorced late 2013, but like his first marriage, they have also remained good friends.

So you have James, single and looking to mingle. And Mariah, single, a tad shy but wanting what we all want in life, to be happy and in love. Since they both ended up on the cover of magazines with their intimate vacation on James super yacht in the Mediterranean last year, the two have been inseparable. James has been seen with Mariah, the pair holding hands while they visit markets or dine in some of the most romantic restaurants around the world. James has even been spotted sitting in the front row of some of Mariah’s concerts. I just think that’s so cute!

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 9.22.50 pm

So after their whirlwind romance that started after they were introduced by Hollywood mogul Brett Ratner in Aspen less than a year ago, the pair have travelled the world looking happy and very much in love. So when you think about it, it really isn’t that much of a surprise to find out that James proposed to Mariah at one of New York’s most elite and hip restaurants, Eleven Madison Park on Madison Avenue. Anyone with clear eye sight could see they were headed for wedded bliss. Yes, I know it hasn’t happened yet, but I think it’s obvious. In the meantime we will just sit back and watch their tale unfold. I think it’s wonderful. If two people can find love in this crazy world then I say Congratulations! I wish them good health, happiness and all the best for their future together.

x x x

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