On My Mind, In My Heart And On My Nails.

First of all, I just want all those that read my blog to know that I am not getting paid nor have I been approached by Jamberry Nails to write this article. I am simply writing about it because I was impressed. Actually I was really impressed. It’s simply a case of when you know about something really good, you just want everyone else to know about it! My man Mitchell just looked over my shoulder as I typed that and said “Why am I not surprised”….like what? I’m a woman, we like to talk…get over it, silly man – sheesh 😉

I was invited this afternoon to a friend’s house for a nail party, and before I say anymore – yes, there are nail parties. I have always known about linen, lingerie, makeup and Tupperware….but nails…who knew?!? 🙂 So I went along to check it out and ended up having a fabulous time. A few glasses of bubbly, good conversation and had a great time learning all about this new craze.


Before I say anything more about Jamberry, I want everyone to know about my stupid nail dramas. And I am sure I am not alone. In the past I have loved getting my nails done. Acrylic, Gel…Shellac…I have tried it all. Well I thought I had. After years of having my nails done, they have ended up a tad awful. I have tried a few things to get rid of the fungus under two of my nails, thanks to nail technicians not using clean tools, but it has been a battle. I have also been left with thin and tender nail beds, once again thanks to nail tech’s who have gone crazy using their filing tools. It has cost me a few $$$ in treatments to get rid of the fungus but it keeps coming back. I have even put Canistan under my nails – hey, I was willing to try anything… if it’s good enough for down there 😉 Thanks to Revitanail Sensitive, my nails are slowly improving but I am reluctant to visit another nail salon.

When Pauline told me about these nails, I was a tad skeptic. Another new fad? But I am inquisitive by nature, so I went along to find out. The hosts name was Maria and she was lovely. She played a few games because…well, that’s what you do when you go to a party. Glasses of bubbly, laughing women….whats a few fun games?! 🙂 Then we got into the fun part. Jamberry Nails, a strange but rather easy concept to use. The nails are actually an adhesive. Now before you wonder what the???? There are no nasty chemicals in the wraps/”stickers”. They are made with durable materials and can last up to two weeks.


We all got to pick out a few samples and have fun, and this is where I got really excited. Rainbows, florals, mermaid and leopard prints. Stripes, dots and even some funky zig zags. But what really caught my eye were the romantic themed wraps. Oh, I was in heaven. Paper Hearts, Love Potion, Hearts Aplenty, Matchmaker and Chalkboard Hearts. White Romance, Puppy Love, Love Letters, Word To The Wise and S.W.A.L.K ….. I was well and truly in heaven. So this is my reason for letting you all know – Valentines Day – it is only 2 and a 1/2 weeks away. What better than to wear your heart right were you man can see it, on your nails. Trust me, while your slowly removing your clothes on the night of February 14th, he will see your nails 😉

Considering how excited I was, I ordered a few packets. Playground, Word To The Wise, White Romance and Paper Hearts. So if you want to have some fun with your nails and let your partner know it’s nearly Valentines Day, then check out the link below.

For more info http://www.jamberry.com

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Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 8.04.29 pm

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