Are You a Darling, Honey or Babe?

Just about everyone has a nickname, be it a shortened version of their first name, something that may have originated from a joke or a bonding term used between friends. Australians are well-known around the world for abbreviating words and creating an entirely new language or slang. In fact according to Oxford Dictionaries, over 500 new entries were added in March last year. The largest ever quarterly update to include the use of Australian English terms. If only the Brit’s knew what would happen to their language when they sent their convicts down under 🙂

From the moment British settlers arrived on our beautiful shores during the mid 1800’s, it was only a matter of time before the Queens English was changed forever. From borrowings of Aboriginal language words, through convicts abbreviated vocabulary; from the gold rushes and bushrangers to the first world war, we have cultivated a new language that has been continued throughout the generations. ‘Gum Suckers’ was once a term applied to colonists because of their pastime of sucking the sweet gum from a special type of wattle. Over the years words like ‘Muster’, ‘Postie’ and ‘Barbie’ have become ingrained in our English language.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 4.11.57 pm

It’s not just our love of abbreviating our first names that have become our favourite national past time. It seems that we also love to use intimate words or pet names in our relationships. Have you ever walked down the street and heard someone affectionately calling their partner babe, sweetie or darl? Maybe you have heard these or used the terms angel, baby or sweetheart yourself? Romantic nicknames, or pet names have been used not just in Australian culture, but in many countries around the world throughout history. The word ‘Bach’ was a Welsh word used in the late 1800’s that literally meant ‘little’. It was a term of endearment such as  ‘dear’ or ‘mate’. ‘Pumpkin’ was a term used in the 1900’s to address someone endearing and familiar.

Couples today can be heard referring to each other with nicknames some of us just don’t understand, and quite frankly some of us never want to understand. I recently heard my father call my mum ‘Ducky’. When I asked what it meant, my father said it originated when my mum was in her late stages of pregnancy. Apparently my dad thought my mum waddling side to side was adorable… My mum revealed she likes to call my dad ‘Shatzi’ which is German for ‘sweetheart’. I drew the line and grabbed my car keys when I heard my mum say ‘Ich Liebe Dich’!

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Did you know that roughly one in ten men have a soft spot for pet names? Turn up to a football game and call your partner honey from the sidelines and he might cringe. The thought of being surrounded by team mates calling you snookums or sweetie in the change room may not be appreciated. However it seems that your alpha man would be more than happy to be called something cute and fuzzy while you’re tying him to the headboard 😉

Now while there are many who like to refer to their partner as something sexy and adorable (I bet you googled ‘Ich Liebe Dich’)… there are some pet names that are considered inappropriate such as muffin, pudding or cup-cake. There is that old saying “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” however you might want to reconsider calling your loved one something that belongs in the fridge, unless you want to start sleeping on the couch.

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So what are the most common pet names and do you have a favourite? Angel, babe or gorgeous? Perhaps doll, darling or baby girl? I can picture some of you cringing lol. Choosing a romantic pet name can be fun and should be significant. A shared private joke or special moment perhaps. When you are with someone special, using your nickname or intimate pet name can be kinky and fun. They make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and show the level of intimacy and depth to your relationship. Leave romantic notes using it or whisper it in your loved ones ear, nicknames and pet names can be part of the secret language that lovers share. A fun and affectionate name that can be used time and time again 🙂

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