The Choice: Movie Review

If you have plans to go see Nicholas Sparks latest romantic tale to hit the big screen, make sure you take a box of tissues. You will need them! If you forget to purchase any before you arrive at your local cinema centre, visit the bathroom. You will need something to blow your nose, trust me! The Choice is an emotional roller coaster that will leave you red eyed, snotty nosed and feeling a tad drained. You do not want to be running your nose along the sleeve of your satin blouse! 🙂

I don’t know whether you have read the book, but I am going to be honest here and tell you, I haven’t. I actually wish I had though because I am curious. The movie didn’t have a great deal of substance…yes, I really did just say that. Now that I have seen the movie I can’t help but wonder if something was missing. It happens… how many times have you read a book, then paid money to watch your favourite novel on the big screen just to end up disappointed. What happened to your favourite scene? A chapter? The ending was different. Sometimes movie producers choose to scrap a few things when translating a novel to a script. I couldn’t help but feel this may have happened in The Choice.

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Before I say anymore, I will explain the movie. Just to clarify a few things for those who have not read the book. Don’t worry, I wont give anything important away 🙂 Gabby Holland (played by Teresa Palmer) has moved into a cottage next door to Travis Shaw (played by Benjamin Walker). When Gabby suspects Travis’s dog of “knocking-up” her own dog, she goes next door to give him a piece of her mind. After Travis explains that he is the local vet, the two become friends. Gabby is dating one of the local doctors, at the same hospital she works at. When her boyfriend travels interstate, Gabby turns to Travis for help with an emergency. Travis weaves his magic spell and soon the pair are caught up in an emotional roller coaster that will leave more than one of them hurt and heartbroken.

Now imagine that storyline drawn out for 2 hours. Is The Choice like any of Nicholas Sparks previous movies? There is a tiny bit of similarity to Safe Haven…mainly the small town community and the award-winning writers love for the outdoors and rain 🙂 but that’s about it. There are no other interweaving stories like what happened in The Longest Ride. The main characters in this movie are Travis and Gabby. Is it sad? Oh hell yes!!! When I mentioned purchasing a box of tissues, I wasn’t exaggerating. But would I recommend the movie? Ok…here’s my conundrum. I love a good romance, and when it comes to romantic tales, it normally doesn’t get much better than Nicholas Sparks…but for me, his latest tale to touch the big screen missed the mark. The Longest Ride, Safe Haven even The Notebook didn’t drag on. There was some action and some drama to keep you entertained. The Choice had very little of that, and as a result the movie simply ran out of steam about an hour to soon. It was like the book didn’t have enough of a storyline so they had to drag it out as much as possible. It was obvious, very obvious.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 1.15.20 am

The basic premise of the story is that we all have choices in life. Decisions we make that shape our future. What if you failed a test in high school, what would have happened? What if you dated one guy and not the other? Didn’t accept a job you were offered? Choices… we constantly make them. Ever thought about where you would be if at some pivotal point in your life, you chose to do something different? Gabby and Travis both chose certain paths, and those choices held certain consequences. Knowing that, would they have changed a thing? Well, I guess you would have to see the movie and find out. Or, save your money and wait until it’s out on Netflix. I wish I had.

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  1. Books always turn out better than the movies for the reason you stated directors vision is different than the author’s and the one reason you didn’t state…the book gives details that the movie doesn’t because … you can see that Julie Ann is wearing a satin blouse as opposed to reading it


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