Introducing First Dates Country Girl, Vanessa!

Channel Sevens new dating show, First Dates, had tongues wagging when it debuted across the country last Wednesday night. In what can only be described as a witty, educational and downright hilarious tv series, the new show portrayed the pitfalls of blind dating.

First Dates is the network’s latest foray into the dating show genre. It takes place in a cosy little restaurant that has been specifically set up to host couples looking for love. The restaurant is staffed with a barman, who is just as great at serving good advice as he is in whipping up a cocktail. Waiters and waitresses ever willing to help the guys and girls choose something delicious to eat while also trying to keep a straight face, and a host that must be wondering what he signed up for 🙂

From the moment the show started, viewers got to sit back and watch everyday Australians succumb to extremely entertaining set ups. From the James Bond wannabe Chris, whose line “Let’s get lubricated” lit up the shows Twitter feed, to the most hilarious Aussie bloke to ever grace Australian tv – Nicholas. We all had front row tickets to an entertaining show that left Australians asking “Is this for real?”

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 1.30.58 am

Courtesy of Channel Seven

But it was the adorable young couple that had everyone hearts bursting with joy. When 19-year-old Vanessa entered the restaurant, 23-year-old Tom’s face flushed bright red and the poor guy had to take a deep breath.

“I’m very green to the dating game” Tom explained earlier in the show. “I haven’t been on many dates.. I’ve not yet had a girlfriend.”

After Tom offered his stool to Vanessa at the bar, the two hit it off immediately. Like long-lost friends, they bantered and laughed until moving to a cute little nook in the dining room. There, Tom once again showed what a gentleman he was when he held out a chair, helping the adorable young lady get comfortable.

“I may not have had a girlfriend before, but I feel like I am more of the old-fashioned variety.” Was Tom talking about dating, or a bottle of vintage wine? 🙂 “I’m the kind of guy who wants to open doors and that kind of thing”

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 1.24.16 am

Courtesy of Channel Seven

Despite how well the young couple got along, viewers were left wondering… did Tom and Vanessa ever go on their second date? Well, when I found out that Vanessa was visiting Melbourne, I contacted the 19-year-old and asked if I could interview her for my blog. She was very gracious and after a few texts we had arranged a time and place to meet up. After meeting Vanessa, I can quite honestly say that she is absolutely stunning in person, has the funniest sense of humour and was just a delight to interview. Thank you Vanessa for allowing me to interview you, I had so much fun 🙂

For all my readers, I hope you enjoy my interview. And remember to leave any comments or questions below.

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Our home town of Bright 🙂 Autumn Festival Parade

MRA. How did you become a participant on First Dates Australia?
V. I received an email asking if I would like to participate in a dating show. I thought it would be cool. So I applied and not long after I got a call to meet the producers of the show in Melbourne.

MRA. What was your reason for going on the show?
V. I thought it would be fun to meet a nice hot guy. Someone that likes the same things as I do. Someone fun and outgoing.

MRA. Were was the show filmed, in Melbourne?
V. No, in Sydney. The producers paid for our flights and accommodation for the night.

MRA. The entire experience must have been so exciting.
V. It was. I had a really good time.

MRA. So…Tom… <we both start laughing> What went through your mind when you met him for the first time?
V. He had a sweet smile. He didn’t look like my type, I knew that straight away…but I still wanted to get to know him, he seemed like a lovely guy.

MRA. You both looked so nervous.
V. I felt nervous, but not as bad as Tom <giggling> We had all these cameras in the room, it was a little nerve-racking.

MRA. After you had a drink, you were both seated in the dining room. Did you feel more relaxed by then?
V. I was ok, Tom was nervous most of the night. He tried to make a few jokes, but they weren’t very good <giggling> He even sang songs from the teenage show Hanna Montana. I thought that was very strange.

MRA. When you both reached for the bill, and Tom put his hand on yours, what went though your mind?
V. I thought it was so sweet. He’s hands were really sweaty, I thought that was a little gross <giggling> I offered to pay for dinner, I wanted to do the right thing but he insisted on paying. I think he wanted to be a gentleman, so I let him. It really didn’t matter though, like who paid the bill… the producers gave us money.

MRA. Really?
V. Yes, they gave all of the participants $50.00 each to help cover the costs of their meals and drinks. So it kind of didn’t matter who paid.

MRA. Hmmm ok…. getting back to dinner, Tom never touched his plate. Did he say anything about it?
V. we joked about it, that he was so nervous that he just couldn’t eat. He tried to, but he was a mess <giggling>

MRA. Your evening looked short but so sweet…
V. We had been filming all day long. Until about 11 that night. It was a very long day. Our dinner, we had been filming for about 2 hours.

MRA. Not much of that ended up on tv….
V. No, very little of our time did. But that’s cool.

MRA. Can you tell me more about the day? What went on behind the scenes?
V. Filming began early in the day. They filmed me getting ready, preparing for my blind date…talking about myself, that sort of thing. After I got dressed, I arrived at the restaurant mid afternoon. It wasn’t night time like the show made out. There were a lot of people there, more than you saw on that episode. We all were all waiting for our turn.

MRA. Did you see anyone that you hoped would be your “blind” date?
V. Oh yeah <giggling> I sure did <laughing> There was this one guy <Vanessa’s face is bright red> Oh yeah! <giggling>

MRA. You thought he was cute.
V. He sure was, I was really hoping he would be my date.

MRA. So I guess you were a little disappointed then?
V. Yeh, a little…but Tom was still a nice guy.

MRA. Did you find him sexy, at all? 😉
V. No <giggling> no…not really <laughing>

MRA. So what happened after you finished your meals?
V. We had our interview about how our date went. I wanted to hear what Tom said first, because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. When he said he wanted anther date I was like shi* <giggling> I got nervous because I knew he wasn’t my type, I knew nothing would come of it but I didn’t want him to feel bad on television. I agreed to another date, but after filming we talked and I told him how I felt.

MRA. How did he take it?
V. He was ok about it. I could tell he wanted more, but I just didn’t feel any kind of spark with him.

MRA. Have you spoken to Tom since the show was filmed?
V. Yes, we have spoken a few times. We have shared a few laughs about our time together <laughing> but we are just friends.

MRA. If the producers called you and invited you back for another show, what would you say?
V. I don’t know. The filming finished months ago. I am happy being a single girl at the moment. I don’t know about going on any more blind dates, I would like more control over who I meet.

MRA. So you wouldn’t want to go on a blind date, but what about love at first sight? Do you believe that two strangers can meet up and feel that instant spark, that connection?
V. No, I don’t think so. When it comes down to it, you really don’t know someone until you have got to know them. They might come across like a nice guy, but he could be a serial killer <giggling>

MRA. Ok Vanessa….heres what I really want to know… do you believe in romance?
V. Yes, damn straight! <laughing> I love it when guys are romantic. I like guys who are confident, that aren’t afraid to show you how much they care. I would like to meet someone who knows how to party, but also knows how to treat a girl. It’s all about the little things they do. Those sweet little things they do they just make you go damn!! <giggling>

MRA. Do you have Twitter?
V. No

MRA. I was following the live Twitter feed during the broadcast of First Dates Australia, I was enjoying reading all the comments. Everyone fell in love with the two of you. Have you received any feedback?
V. No….what was on Twitter?

I showed Vanessa all my screen shots taken during the show

V. OMG <giggling>

I read through the posts with Vanessa, the both of us laughing like school girls.

MRA. I would have been a fun experience, a great story to tell for years to come.
V. Yeh, it will be <laughing> It sure will be…


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