Is Jennifer Garner Dating Again?

When Jennifer Garner walked the red carpet at the Oscars wearing that absolutely stunning black Versace gown and Rene Caovilla shoes, I stood up in my lounge room and gave her a clap. I think the words “take that Ben!” might have slipped from my mouth, along with a few other choice words. I was so happy for her. She looked so confident standing before the paparazzi with one hand on her hip and her head held high. A true inspiration.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 4.05.55 pm

88th Annual Academy Awards

After all that she has had to deal with over the past 12 months, I just wanted to give her a great big hug. It was bad enough when Jen and her famous hubby Ben Affleck announced they would separate, the day after their 10 year anniversary mind you…but then to find out he was apparently having an affair with the children’s nanny. Well, that was just the icing on the cake. Despite the fact Jen recently told Vanity Fair “We had been separated for months before I ever heard about the nanny” it still would have been incredibly painful.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 4.21.25 pm

During better times

But Jennifer isn’t letting her past misfortunes dictate her future. The 43-year-old actress and film producer known for such movies as Suddenly 30 (2004), Catch and Release (2006), Ghost’s of Girlfriends Past (2009), Valentines Day (2010) as well as Dallas Buyers Club (2013), is keeping her head held high. Her latest movie Miracles From Heaven is scheduled for release across Australia this month. The movie, which was filmed during Jennifer’s terrible break up, is based on the incredible true story of Christy (Jennifer Garner) and her 10-year-old daughter Anna (Kylie Rogers) who struggled with a rare and incurable disease. After Anna has a terrible accident, an extraordinary miracle unfolds which leaves medical specialists mystified and their community inspired.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 4.41.33 pm

Miracles From Heaven – Sony Pictures

With a new movie coming out, Jennifer’s future looks to be getting brighter. So what about the possibility of dating again? The mother of three told Vanity Fair how a fellow airline passenger approached her during a recent trip “We were waiting for the bathroom at JetBlue,” Jen said “and I was so floored. I had to remind myself that was something that could happen. He said, ‘Could I take you for a cup of coffee?’ And I was like, ‘No! You may not take me for a cup of coffee, sir.’ And then I said, ‘But thanks for asking.’ ” When asked if she could see herself dating again, Jennifer said  “I guess. I don’t know. It’s just that [from] everyone that I know that is dating it just seems, well…. Men don’t call anymore…. I want flowers; I don’t want to text. What does that make me? What kind of dinosaur am I?”

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 4.54.02 pm

If I could sit down with Jennifer and impart some words of wisdom, I would simply tell her to keep her head held high, and that I don’t believe for a minute that romance is dead. As I like to tell friends, family, and the wonderful people I meet each and every day – Everyone enjoys a little magic and adventure…a little romance 😉 

Miracles from Heaven will hit cinemas on March 17th. Check your local cinema guides for more details.

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  1. Us hopeless romantics know that romance isn’t dead . And this man likes old school dating …she shouldn’t worry someone with her values will make his way into her life and Affleck will be a distant memory

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