My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Guess what is coming out soon… hmm, I guess the heading of this article kind of gave it away 😉 My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 …’Opa’!! When it comes to fabulous romantic films, it doesn’t get much better than this. I loved My Big Fat Greek Wedding when it came out in 2002. I loved it even more when I found out the lead actor was none other than John Corbett. Remember John? or I should say Aidan, from Sex and The City. Aha 🙂 – I bet all your lady bits are singing for joy right now! When I found out Aidan…oops, John, was playing the lead male role, I leapt for joy. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out I was going to watch that movie at my local cinema!

Back in 2002, My Big Fat Greek Wedding was a huge success. It became the highest-grossing romantic comedy of the year and grossed $241.4 million in North America alone, despite never reaching number one at the box office during its release (the highest-grossing film to accomplish this feat). For a film that cost a measly $5 million to make, it took home $368.7 million dollars through the box office alone. That’s before you take into consideration movie hire and dvd sales.

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My Big Fat Greek Wedding was a fabulous romantic movie that told the tale of Toula Portokalos (Nia Vardalos). A single 30-year-old Greek/American woman who still lived at home, and worked at her family restaurant, Dancing Zorba’s. All her family were worried about Toula, especially her father Gus, who felt his daughter should be married with ‘lots’ of children. Toula however wished that she was different, “I wish I was braver, prettier, or just happy. But it’s useless to dream because nothing ever changes” – Toula. As soon as those words left Toula’s mouth, Ian Miller (John Corbett) walked into the family restaurant. Ian isn’t interested in dating some blonde ‘wannabe’… “They all just look the same” – Ian. Little did he know that his future wife was standing in front of him!

After taking a job at her aunt’s travel agency, Toula met Ian again and they fell love. But wining, dining and romancing Toula was far from easy. When Toula’s father Gus found out his daughter and Ian were engaged, he was hurt. “I am the head of the house” – Gus. When Gus forbid Ian to marry his daughter, Ian agreed to be baptized in the Greek Orthodox Church, an act which earned Gus’s grudging respect and the acceptance of the rest of the family. The traditional Greek wedding itself went off without a hitch. At the reception, Gus gave a speech accepting Ian and the Millers into the Portokalos family. As his wedding gift, Gus presented the newlyweds with a deed to their new home. Following the reception and colorful Greek dancing, Toula and Ian drove away to begin their honeymoon and married life together.

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It has been 14 years since the first movie was released. Long enough for Toula and Ian’s daughter to grow up and become an independent young lady. In My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, Ian and Toula have spent most of their time focusing on their troubled teenage daughter. On top of facing a few of their own marital problems, they also discover that Toula’s parents were never legally married. Once the secret is out, it is time to plan another Greek wedding, and get all the clan back together again.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 hits cinemas across Australia on the 24th of March. Check your local guide to confirm details.

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