Jurassic World Exhibition: For You and Your Loved One

When Jurassic World was first released on the big screen, my man Mitchell was like a big kid. He didn’t jump up and down or throw a tantrum, but he did drop his lower lip. So I couldn’t get tickets for the opening weekend, it wasn’t going to be the end of the world. He could wait another day or two to see the movie. He looked so lost, I actually felt a little sorry for him. I was going to buy him a gob stopper but thought better of it. I actually told him to man up. Then he reminded me of when the movie Sex and The City was released. Okay, Okay… gee whizz! I didn’t get that upset ūüė¶ damn Mitchell¬†and his memory! I was able to work something out. We didn’t¬†get very good seats,¬†but the big kid¬†got to see his dinosaurs.

When the movie was released on DVD, just in time for christmas, I didn’t hesitate purchasing a copy for¬†Mitchell. I knew he would get a kick out of watching the movie again. Our flat screen may not be as good as watching the movie on a large VMAX screen, but if he positioned the couch close enough and turned the surround sound up, it could work. Warn the neighbours¬†and alert Geoscience Australia so they wouldn’t think our house was an epicentre¬†and it would be ok. And you know what? … it was. The neighbours still won’t talk to us, but my man had a big smile on his face, and well, that made it all worth while¬†ūüėČ

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 6.59.27 pm

Amblin Entertainment

When I found out¬†that not just any dinosaur exhibition, but Jurassic World: The Exhibition was coming to Melbourne, I had to find out more information. Mitch would be as happy as a pig in poop if I could surprise him with tickets! So I went online, did a bit of research and found out the following –

Jurassic World: The Exhibition

The exhibition is being held at the Melbourne Museum. The spectacle runs from Saturday 19th March until Sunday 9th of October, 2016.

The Melbourne Museum is located at 11 Nicholson Street, Carlton, Melbourne, behind the Melbourne Royal Exhibition Centre and Carlton Gardens.

Tickets range in prices, depending on if you would like a Flexi Pass, Multi Visit Pass, Holiday Pass, Hotel Packages, Gift Vouchers or Group Bookings. More information can be found HERE. If you would like to go, but are worried about the cost, there is off-peak pricing available. This applies from Monday through to Thursday, outside Peak Periods (Fridays, weekends & public holidays, Victorian Public School Holidays, and the first week of the Exhibition).

The following Concession Card’s are accepted –¬†Carer Card, Health Care Card, Pension Card, Student Card (Australian and International), Veterans Affairs Card, and all government-issued Seniors Cards (Australian and International). Photo ID is required for all concession entry.

Another great bonus: Tickets to the exhibition also include entry to the Melbourne Museum on the day of your visit. Depending on what time of the day you book your tickets, you could enjoy a relaxing lunch at the Museums cafe, then stroll round the museum and enjoy everything else the building has on show.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 7.10.35 pm

Jurassic World: The¬†Exhibition would be a great place to take a loved one. You could choose an afternoon session, then take your hubby, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend out for an intimate dinner for two. Just a short stroll from the Melbourne Museum is the city’s leafy and well renowned¬†Lygon Street. You could both discover ‘Little Italy’ ‚Äď the place where Melbourne’s famous cafe culture was born. Sounds like the perfect date doesn’t it?!! Dinosaurs and dinner, it sounds like a wonderful date idea. I¬†have purchased our tickets, what about you?

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