5 Things Men Find Irresistible About Women.

I recently got together with a group of friends, both male and female, and after a few glasses of bubbly we ended up debating the male brain. As we do 🙂 I should have recorded our afternoon because we ended up in hysterics for most it. “Men can do more than one thing at a time” Craig said, while trying to defend his sex’s logic. It was around the time of that comment that I had to make a quick visit to the little girls room. I couldn’t risk laughing anymore with a full bladder, especially when I had to listen to funny comments like that 😉

The things we say when we have had a few glasses of wine. I am sure we were more than a little entertaining to those within hearing distance. It was interesting listening to the guys talk about what they find attractive in a woman, what turns them on and what they find to be irresistible. So I ended up taking a few notes on my iPhone. I couldn’t possibly miss using this info for one of my articles. So with all the info gathered, and a few phones calls the next day to clarify a few points (damn hazy brain) I put together a bit of an informative list or what it is that guys find interesting and alluring about the opposite sex.

Just before I go any further, I will break down the demographics a bit for you. The men were all aged between 32 and 51. They all have tertiary backgrounds and have careers in government, corporate and private practice. Some of the guys are either engaged or married, most are single. It started of as 5 guys, but during the course of the afternoon others became involved.

So for your entertaining pleasure, here is the 5 things men find irresistible about women – enjoy x x x

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 5.08.02 pm

5. Intelligence (Yes, thats right – your brain)

Troy – “Nothing worse than talking to an attractive young woman and she has no idea of what is going on in the world. Spend less time looking for a new lip gloss and more time watching current affairs”. Harsh? “It bugs me. No, it fuck*** pisses me off. If I’m talking to a girl, it’s because I am attracted to her, I want to get to know more about her. Some of these girls, they are in there mid 20’s and have no idea what’s going on in the world”.

Matt – “It’s a turn off when girls giggle. IQ took a nose dive, right there!”

Andrew – “I enjoy talking about what I do, however when a woman starts arguing with me about what I do, or that she knows better, I’m outta there.” “Yeah, If she knows whats she’s talking about then ok, but when she has no experience, no education or no knowledge because you only have to ask a few questions, she looks stupid. Not ok.”

Me (JulieAnn) “But some men feel threatened by a woman who is smart, working her way in her career…”

Andrew – “Nothing wrong with that. But I am having a polite chat, I don’t want to get into a stupid argument. Some women, they want to impress you, but they end up trying to hard.”

Joel – “I love it when I am talking to a nice chick and she has an opinion of her own and isn’t afraid to say what she believes. Take this chick I met recently, she was talking about her trip to Sweden and the issues the country is facing with fleeing migrants from Syria. She was so passionate about her views, I thought she was amazing.”

Frank – “Looks are great, and personality is important, but there’s nothing sexier than a really intelligent girl.”

4. Body Language.

Mark – “I find confident women to be the most sexiest. She doesn’t have to be drop dead gorgeous, but to see a woman who is sure of herself is a very sexy thing indeed.”

Troy – “Assertiveness, without being obnoxious.”

Pete – “Body language – tell me a man who doesn’t like a confident woman! But not to the point of being stuck up, that’s a turn off.”

Troy – “When a woman is secure and confident, she is telling others that she believes in herself. That’s an admirable quality. Most guys love it.”

3. Patience.

Michael – “A woman with a lot of patience is a treasure, but there’s not too many of them. Women today don’t have a lot of patience. Not too many guys like to be constantly interrupted by someone who feels what they have to say is far more important.”

Joel – “Or get those chicks that are high wired, let’s do this, ok now let’s do that, ok now this. Slow down…enjoy the moment.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 5.06.44 pm

2. Taking Care of Themselves.

Matt – “A woman who does her hair, puts on a little makeup, doesn’t paint her damn eyebrows like they do today and dresses nicely. Damn alluring.”

David – “Love to see a woman who takes care of herself. Dresses well, nothing tacky. A bit of makeup on, nice natural smile. Guys love it.”

Pete – “A love a women in jeans, heels and a nice shirt. Tattoos? as long as it’s not those stupid bows on the back of the legs. Doesn’t look right.”

Troy – “Love a woman who looks natural. Not like she just got tossed from bed, but nice clean clothes, just a little bit of makeup, natural looking hair colour. Yeh, its nice to see a woman look natural.”

Caleb – “I don’t mind a bit of belly showing, but nothing to over the top. Sexy, comfortable and stylish – that’s my thing.”

Simon – “A girl who takes care of herself shows she has some respect for herself, and for others.”

1. Good Sense of Humour.

Matt – “Looks is one thing, being able to have a laugh at yourself is even better.”

Andrew – “Cute, genuine, fun, kind of dorky, yet sexy is a hug turn on.”

Steve – “If a woman can make me laugh, and is open-minded to different views and opinions and has an ass you can grab on to.”

Michael – “Looks is the thing that grabs your attention. But Integrity, respect and a sense of humour is what I find most attractive.”

Joel – “That perfect balance between classiness, sheer out-of-this-world good looks and the ability to have a good laugh.”

Conner – “Love a girl with a quirky personality.”

Ben – “Be able to laugh. Life’s to short!.”

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