Emergency Delivery by Samanthe Beck

Emergency Delivery is the title for Samanthe (yes, that is the correct spelling) Beck’s second book from her Love Emergency Series. It actually continues straight on from the first book in the series – Emergency Engagement and is just as well written, just as wonderful and still a hold onto your knickers ladies kind of romance we all just love to read about 🙂

You need to read the first book to understand how Hunter ended up on the highway headed to a car accident that involved a very unlucky, very pregnant Ms Madison Foley trying not to bring her unborn baby into the world. Hunter is a 6ft plus guy who looks more like he should be playing rugby than helping a young woman give birth on the side of a busy road. But despite his good looks and easy charm we learn he is more than capable of looking after young Madison and her baby girl.

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Hunter is looking at a new career, he enjoys being a paramedic, but he would much rather be a doctor working in one of Atlanta’s emergency departments. He doesn’t need any distractions. Despite how many times he tells himself that, he can’t help but reach out to Madison and offer support. Rescuing people is what he does and who he is, even if his supervisor doesn’t think so. All he needs is a letter of recommendation and he can embark on the next chapter of his career. Only problem is time, and helping a young mum is taking all the spare time he has.

Madison Foley is determined to stand on her own two feet. One minute things are ok, the next she is stuck on the side of a highway in a rather precarious position. After being discharged from hospital, Madison does her best to take care of her and her daughter, but fate has other ideas. When a medical emergency lands Madison back in the hospital, Hunter rushes in to make sure she and Joy are okay. Realizing Madison’s situation, Hunter steps in as the friend and family Madison and her daughter need.

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Like any good book, just when everything seems to be going ok, a blast from the past throws all their plans into chaos. Will their love be enough to save them? “You have to have faith in happy endings. Otherwise, what’s the point?”

Hunter and Madison are such a great couple. Hunter is very sweet and has such a big heart. He just wants to help Madison and her baby, he never expected to fall in love. Madison is young and has made a few mistakes, but she is very determined to overcome those mistakes. She’s caring, not afraid of hard work, and is extremely strong-willed. Madison and Hunter compliment each other in every way. A love story that will last forever.

Series order:
Love Emergency Book 1: Emergency Engagement
Love Emergency Book 2: Emergency Delivery

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Angus and Robertson

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Book 2

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Angus and Robertson

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