Top 10 Lies Told By Online Daters

You think that good-looking guy in his mid 30’s whom you have been chatting to online will be waiting for you when you meet at that fancy restaurant Friday night? Or that sexy brunette with the cheeky grin will be lots of fun when you catch up at that secluded little bar later tonight? Well here’s a new flash for you, chances are your fantasy date is exactly that, nothing more than a fantasy!

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A recent study of single men and women across the US and the UK by global research agency OpinionMatters discovered that more than half of those who took part in the survey lied about their online profiles! Both sexes admitted to being full of sh** when it came to describing themselves, all because they wanted to find a “good match”. The survey also found that women lied more about their looks, weight and their bust size while men lied about their jobs as well as how much money they earned. All for the sake of a date!

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What is the point of going on a date, to meet someone wonderful, if people are lying about themselves? How is a date supposed to go well? If someone describes themselves as tall, fit, has no kids and has a degree in finance yet in reality they are short, never finished high school and smell like an ashtray, would you think a slap or ‘doing a runner’ would be expected? How could it not?!! Perhaps those that lie on their profiles believe their exuberant personality and quick wit will make up for the fact that they may be lacking style, manners and…oh, I don’t know, honesty?!!


No-one’s perfect, NO-ONE! Everyone wishes they made better choices in life, had a smaller nose, bigger boobs, hell – smaller boobs….had more children – whatever the reason, we all want something more. I will tell you this, everyone is hung up at the moment on looking like a damn model. This world of ours is going to look friggen awful if we all look the same – like plastic rubber lipped versions of each other! What ever happened to individuality? I have a longish nose – so? Am I going to get it changed? Hell no!! I don’t want to look like everyone else – I couldn’t think of anything worse! Losing a few kilos and being healthy is one thing, lying about a job, about how tall you are is silly. If someone can’t accept you for you then it’s their loss – not yours!

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Finding love should be about showing that you are amazing, funny, sweet and yes, loveable. Not that you cannot be trusted with telling the truth. If you are contemplating making or editing a profile, don’t post an old picture, choose something that is up to date and accurate. If you are not happy with yourself, dislike your weight or shape or your style of clothing, then do something about it. Don’t lie about it. The romantic relationships you start online will want to be brought out into the real world sooner or later. It would be far better to meet someone because you were honest about yourself than not. No-one likes to be a fool, why start now?

Below is the Top 10 list of lies for both men and women. Don’t make their mistakes. Be honest and you will find it to be far more rewarding.

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Top 10 Lies Told by Men

Job (better than it is)
Height (taller)
Weight (losing a few pounds)
Physique (athletic)
More senior than they really are at work
Interesting profession
Knowing celebrities
Having an assistant or employees
Working in the film industry

Top 10 Lies Told by Women 

Weight (losing a few pounds)
Age (losing a few years)
Physique (toned)
Bust (gaining proportions)
Glamorous profession
Knowing celebrities
Having an assistant or employees
Working in entertainment

  1. wow I had a few liars on line before I met my wife …the worse was a lady who posted a picture of herself but that picture was 10 years ago a least and she didn’t look anything close to that, she was 45 minutes late and complained about her knees hurting ugh! Needless to say no sparks no second date

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