Queenstown Romantic Getaway

Mitchell came running into the kitchen this morning “$199 from Melbourne to Queenstown with Jetstar, let’s go back”. Before I tell you anymore, let me paint this picture for you. My man Mitchell standing in the kitchen without a stitch of clothing on is a sight to see! He doesn’t look like Channing Tatum, he looks more like Seth Rogen. I love him dearly but if he started busting a Magic Mike move, I would more than likely spray my coffee all over the floor. Not very lady like, but I’m sure you get the picture 😉

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 3.54.28 pm

Airport to Queenstown

So Mitchell was jumping up and down, being all animated while I was trying not to think about what else was jiggling besides my teabag! I was trying to keep it together but after a few minutes I told him to put some clothes on. When he came back downstairs I was able to listen to every word without being distracted! $199 to fly from Melbourne to Queenstown…..o-k-a-y. That’s great and all but we were there, like just a few weeks ago! Mitch asked me to “think about it” before walking into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee.


Beach Street

While I was sitting at the dining table drinking my cup of tea, I decided to flick through the photos I took on my iPhone while we were on holiday. Driving from Wanaka to Queenstown over the mountain ranges was amazing. There was one particular spot that simply took my breath away. Capturing the scenery on my phone hasn’t done it enough justice, it really is one of those places you have to see for yourself. The first few clips at the beginning of the short movie I made, which is at the top of this post, was taken from the Cardrona Pass Monument. This lookout is situated 15 kilometres from Cardrona (heading towards Queenstown) and 11 kilometres from Arrow Junction (heading towards Wanaka) via the Crown Range Road.



The half an hour drive into Queenstown from the lookout was wonderful. The car windows were open, the sun was shining and I was flicking my hair about like Farrah Fawcett from Charlies Angels, although no where near as graceful! It was all fun until I ended up with a mouthful of hair and a few bugs. All I could say, after I coughed up a few hair balls was “Oh bugger!” Farrah Fawcett made it look so easy 😉 The city centre was busy with tourists looking for a bargain, planning outdoor activities or simply enjoying the scenery. The streets are very narrow in Queenstown, you wouldn’t want to hire a 4wd, especially if you would like to park your car!



A friend of mine told me about this great little place called Fergburger. When we found it, the line of customers went half way down the street. It was a very popular place! 🙂 I saw some of the burgers customers had purchased, you would need a damn good jaw to chomp into that! If I had the time I would have ordered one for each of us, but as it was we were pressed for time. We had far too many things to see and do, and not enough time to do it all. So we went to a bakery bought a meat pie and sausage roll and scoffed it down at the foreshore park. There is so much to do in Queenstown. You can sit back and relax, visit one of the wineries or take a cruise on the lake. If you are adventurous, you could boost your life insurance and take a ride on a speed boat, go paragliding, or bungy jumping from the Skyline. Me …I like to digest my food! So I stood on the foreshore watching all the daredevils scream their lungs out.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 4.18.31 pm

Map of Queenstown

The Queenstown Skyline is at the top end of Brecon Street. It’s only a short stroll from Beach Street Park, or Fergburger, if you need to burn off a few calories 🙂 It was a tad busy when we paid for our gondola tickets, but hearing what the view up top was like, we really didn’t mind. I hate heights! I tried to keep my eyes open and look out the windows, but I just couldn’t do it. Listening to Mitch talk about the view was enough for me. Once we reached the top we walked past the gift shop and cafe and straight to the viewing area. I couldn’t stand at the railing, a few feet back was close enough for me and didn’t diminish the view at all. The view from Cardrona Pass Monument was spectacular, from the top of the Skyline… There are no words!!


Skyline Lookout

The Skyline has it all, the gondola ride, the lookout, cafe and restaurant (to visit after bungy jumping), gift shop, a luge, bike track and walking trail. And the view from every single spot is amazing. Mitch went on the luge while I sat down in the cafe and calmed my nerves 🙂 Damn heights!! I think we spent about 2-3 hours up there. By the time we reached the bottom of the gondola I felt relieved. Nothing like standing on solid ground! We walked back into the city centre and found a great bar and bistro. 1876 is one of Queenstowns historical buildings. It was once a courthouse, built between November 1875 and September 1876 and is one of the few structures left over from Queenstown’s early gold mining days. We sat outside in the courtyard and enjoyed a glass of bubbly until the sun started to go down. Directly across the road was Speights Ale House. Talk about good hospitality and a warm soothing atmosphere, Speights had it in abundance. As soon as we walked in the door we were greeted by friendly staff. After Mitch and I were seated, we ordered another glass of bubbly, and soon after we were enjoying the most amazing dinner. I had the Chicken Parcels and Mitch had the Shearers Shanks. It was so good! After our dinner, we had some time to relax before walking back to our accommodation.


Speights Ale House

The next morning we spent a few more hours walking around the city centre, purchasing little gifts for friends and family and chatting to the locals. We stopped for a little while and watched a street performer juggle knives, large blades and what ever else he could get his hands on. A quick bite to eat along Mall Street and it was time to head back to the airport. Two days – it was such a quick stay, and now I understand why Mitch wants to go back. There was so much to see and do and we simply didn’t give ourselves enough time to do even half of it. $199, yeh it’s not that much really. I guess Mitch is going to get his way… and I won’t mind, I won’t mind at all 🙂

x x x

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