10 Signs You’re With a Great Guy

Everyone wants to be in a relationship with someone who understands their quirky sense of humour, doesn’t make fun of their insecurities and is kind and patient. Unfortunately not every guy is like Ryan Gosling’s character Noah Calhoun from The Notebook – which is a shame 🙂 Recognising and understanding how to read between the lines and pick up on all those subtle signs can feel a little daunting.

That’s where I can help. Have you ever asked yourself: what is normal? Am I expecting too much? How do I know if he is a great guy? When is the right time to take things to the next level? Below is my list of 10 subtle yet very significant signs that indicate your man is a great guy and that you should probably hold on to him with everything you’ve got 🙂

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1. He listens to you.
It sounds so simple doesn’t it?! But not everyone is a good listener. Some people say they are, but as soon as you start talking about something that doesn’t interest them, they turn the other way. You want to be with someone who is honestly interested in what you have to say, no matter how small or insignificant the topic is. When someone generally cares for you and are interested in what you have to say, they turn their body towards you. They give you all their attention. When you are upset he will touch your arm, hand, put his arm around you because he wants to comfort you and he genuinely cares for your wellbeing.

2. He takes care of you.
How a guy takes care of himself says a lot about his character. If he has been wearing the same shirt three days in a row, then run for the hills. You don’t want him bringing over his laundry for you to do, because he is too lazy. Each time you see him, does he smell badly of body odour? Think of it this way – if he can’t look after himself, how can he care for anyone else? Being with someone who is lazy is not much fun. If you came down with the flu would he cook you dinner, or would he expect you to do something for him? A great guy would bring over cough syrup and cook you chicken noodle soup. A great guy is healthy in mind, body and soul. He might workout, study or read books or enjoy regular trips outdoors. He takes pride in his appearance and strives to be a better person.

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3. He returns your calls and text messages.
He wouldn’t lead you on, if you have only been together for a few dates and he doesn’t feel any “spark”, he will be honest and tell you in a way that is kind and respectful. He won’t ignore you, be rude or nasty, he will be a gentleman. If he does feel that “spark” he would tell you that he appreciates you contacting him. He is polite, kind and would tell you that he enjoys hearing from you. A great guy would be flirty and send fun text messages, but nothing crude, derogatory or nasty.

4. He pays attention to small details.
A great guy will take notice of the little things that make you happy. Why? Because he likes to see you smile. That doesn’t mean he is watching every single thing you do, it just means that he will notice and remember what puts a smile on your face. He will notice what kind of flowers or scents that you like, the kind of lingerie you like to wear, or the types of food you enjoy. He is aware, observant and not caught up in himself.

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5. He will admit when he is wrong.
A confident guy will admit when he is wrong. He won’t try to shift the blame or accuse someone else when he knows he is at fault. He may not be happy with what occurred but he will admit to what ever was wrong, apologise when the situation calls for it and try to make amends. He is only human, it is simply unrealistic to expect him to be perfect. There will be times he will say or do something that will invariably hurt your feelings. A respectable guy will want to clarify the issue, make amends and grow from the experience.

6. He is interested in your friends and family. 
Guys that are interested in you like to learn more about you, and that includes your friends and family. You know how interested a guy is when he asks about a sick relative or a friend who has been going through a difficult time. Not only does it show he listens to you, it also shows how much he cares. He may even ask your friends and family questions about you to learn more about you.

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7. He treats your pets with care and kindness. 
Some people don’t like pets, there isn’t anything wrong with that, what isn’t ok is if he is cruel or abusive to them. A great guy doesn’t have to adopt a pet just to impress you, what’s more important is that he is kind and caring to your furry family members. If you see him hurting or being nasty to your pets, boot him out the door. How he treats your pets is a sure sign of what kind of person he truly is.

8. Your period doesn’t scare him.
It amazes me how many guys treat women like they have the plague – its natural boys – sheesh! 🙂 Ok, some women get a tad emotional when they have their period, for some guys that is their cue to go MIA. But for those fabulous guys out there, they just take it in their stride. So you’re not feeling 100%, you have cramps, a headache and generally are not feeling the best… great guys will rub your back, get you a hot water bottle and help make you feel comfortable.

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9. He follows through with what he says.
If he says he wants to take you to a concert… if he says he wants to go to the movies, if he says he wants to take you away for a mini vacation – he will take you. A great guy doesn’t make false promises. He wants to spend time with you, he wants to get to know you better, he wants to have some fun with you because you are special to him.

10. He doesn’t have multiple personalities.
With a great guy, what you see is what you get. He won’t act differently in front of his friends or family, and he won’t pretend to be anything more than he is. You never have to worry about what he will say or do as he is confident in his own skin. He doesn’t need to pretend to be better, he is wonderful just as he is. He has plans for the future and doesn’t need to be someone else to achieve them.

x x x

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