3 Basic Traits of a Successful Man

Mitch and I went out for lunch in Brighton today to this cute little cafe called The Pantry. The sun was out and there was this slight breeze in the air, so we decided to sit outside instead of choosing a table indoors. It was so nice… the two of us relaxing in the sunshine, watching the world go by. That was until this silly fool turned up. You know the kind – “look at me, look at me, aren’t I good?!!” The world couldn’t possibly spin unless “I” was on it!!! This attention grabbing, obnoxious fool was dressed in khaki pants, a blue long sleeve shirt and had enough hair gel to make Johnny Depp proud!!

I couldn’t help but have a little chuckle. I sat back and watched this guy strutting around like a damned peacock, like he was God’s gift to mankind. I think the woman sitting on the table beside us was his mother, or a family friend but instead of sitting down and talking to her, he kept walking around drawing the attention of other patrons in the courtyard. It wasn’t just his mannerisms that most of the customers found annoying, he was talking loudly so everyone could hear him. His business, his personal life, it was one of the most peculiar things I have seen in a while.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 9.31.05 pm

After about 10 minutes of strutting, he finally walked away. Everyone had a laugh and I can only assume they didn’t think much more about it. I on the other hand took notes 🙂 After Mitch and I returned home, I began contemplating it. Why do someone guys feel the need to behave like that? It doesn’t seem to matter if the guy is short, tall, young or old, it seems that some guys simply need to show everyone that they are the alpha male, even when it is clear that they are anything but!

Have you ever watched a guy enter a room and command the attention of everyone around him? They don’t even have to open their mouth, yet everyone noticed their entrance, watched their demeanour and acknowledged them amongst the other men in the room? They don’t have to strut, they don’t even have to bat an eye lash yet by the time they reached the centre of the room everyone had noticed them. They didn’t have to wear Ralph Lauren’s latest polo shirt or swing the latest BMW series 4 coupe key fob around their little finger. Everyone saw them, everyone acknowledged them and everyone knew they were a man to reckon with.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 9.35.29 pm

There are some guys that just have it, and by “it” I refer to the C-P-R. And no I don’t mean resuscitation, though that thought might cross your mind 😉 I mean C.P.R – confident, polite and respectful. For most women, a confident man is more important than superficial factors like looks or money. I know of many confident men whom are not what many would consider to be the “Brad Pitt” type, however they would most certainly command the attention of those around them. There is a general misconception, mainly from those who lack confidence, that arrogance somehow plays a part in being a confident man; that it is all about physical strength, and the ability to fight anyone who challenges them in any way. In reality it is quite the opposite.

A confident man is quietly assertive and actively goes after what he wants in life. He knows how to be a gentleman and how to treat a women. He leads with charisma and self-assurance in everything that he does, and he doesn’t take advantage of anyone weaker than him. He has control of his emotions even in the most tense of situations and would never yell or hurt anyone. A confident man is capable of expressing his feelings without being aggressive or manipulative. He doesn’t have to brag or boast to feel important and can maintain eye contact when talking to people.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 8.46.07 pm

A polite man won’t behave poorly, nor will he feel the need to put anyone down so that he looks better. Has a great sense of humour and knows how to make people laugh without being crude. He has impeccable manners, and understands social etiquette. A polite man will never let on that he knows more than he should. He will never gossip, and isn’t interested in malicious conversation. he will never speak just to share the greater glory of themselves and will never push his opinions.

A man who is respectful will have an inner sense of right and wrong. He will innately know the right thing to do, and will understand clearly when an injustice is being served. Respectful men are givers by nature and stand behind those with whom they have forged relationships. Nor will he ever betray them. Respectful men tend to avoid negative self-talk and venomous conversation. They are comfortable and non judgemental about a woman’s sexuality. He will avoid jumping to conclusions and making unwarranted assumptions and will not manipulate his partner to get what he wants. Successful men always look their best because they value themselves, and look for the same values in a partner.

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