Amazing Honeymoon Video

I have seen some amazing honeymoon videos, but when I watched this one, I was instantly captivated. As much as I love watching newly weds kiss, cuddle and express their joy at being newly wed, this couple went one step further and shared their love for adventure in a way not many people have thought of doing before.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 2.32.57 pm

Kaz and Mariko

When Japanese newly weds Kaz and Mariko, from Kyoto in Japan were planning their year-long trip around the world, they were unsure of how they wanted to capture their special moments. Neither of them enjoyed taking “selfies” but decided they would need to make an exception for this special trip. After much consideration, they found the perfect way to document their travels and share their amazing adventure with friends and family. Kaz and Mariko purchased a drone, a special unmanned aerial vehicle that could capture their amazing experiences.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 2.28.19 pm


From the steps of a Buddhist Temple, to a tribe of hunters in Africa, the most spectacular sandy beaches in Dubai to the winding rivers of the Amazon rainforest… Kaz and Mariko have captured their love for adventure in a way that could not have been told through photos or short video clips. So far the couple have visited 45 countries, documenting their travels on their Facebook page called the Honeymoon Traveler.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 2.49.22 pm

Kaz and Mariko

Check out this cute couple and become a part of their adventure. Maybe they will come to Australia and capture some of our amazing landmarks, I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing that. What Kaz and Mariko have done is amazing. They have captured each destination in a way I have never seen before. I know I will be following them as they smile, cuddle and share their amazing new journey with the rest of us.

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