Matthew MacConaughey: Love At First Sight

Matthew McConaughey, now there’s a guy that could put his boots under my bed any day! Ok, maybe in my dreams… but still 😉 Matthew… whenever I think about him I think of southern charm. A real gentleman with a cheeky side that I am sure has landed him in a few precarious situations over the years, pre his wife Camila of course 🙂 We all know Matthew as this big shining light, a Hollywood celebrity who has graced the big screen with so many movie legends I would need to make a documentary just to go through the names. But beyond the image, beyond his persona is a guy who simply wants the same things as everyone else. To be happy, to be healthy and to find comfort, compassion, love and understanding in the arms of an equal.

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It was back in 2006, around the same time Matthew was promoting his movie Failure to Launch with Sarah Jessica Parker that Matthew met Camila. A gorgeous Brazilian/American model and designer who was making her own mark on the world. While visiting friends in Los Angeles, Matthew decided to visit a club along the famed Sunset Boulevard. It was during his night out, and while making margaritas for his friends, that he spotted a woman in aqua clothing. He was so taken back by the graceful figure, he turned to his friends and asked not “who is that” , but “what was that!” Now that’s what I call a lasting impression! 😉

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It was while trying to get her attention that Matthew realised “this is not the kind of woman you call across the room, get your ass out of the chair and go get her.” And that he did. He asked not only Camila, but also her friends to join him. Smart man 😉 Even though Camila spoke Portuguese, Matthew gave her 100% of his attention, making every effort to understand and connect in a meaningful way. So what was it about Camila that not only drew his attention, but also had him throwing away his bachelorhood crown? As Matthew explained recently to People Magazine and Entertainment Weekly directorial editor Jess Cagle “I believe in two things, it’s got to be the right person, it has to be the right time.” I couldn’t agree more. How many people do you know that have settled down because they thought it was the right thing to do? Because they succumbed to pressure from family or friends?

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I really admire Matthews belief, he acknowledged that previous to meeting Camila he simply was not ready. He wasn’t looking for a relationship, in fact he was rather happy with his life. But the moment he met her, it felt right. There were qualities Camila had that just ticked all the right boxes…”The self respect she had, for herself. Her relationship with family, her own family. The way she respected me, but never took anything for granted. She never put on any airs, no airs what so ever.” In other words, she wasn’t a party girl who was only interested in fame, money and living the high life. And there was no way he was letting her go 😉

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After they first met back in that little club along Sunset Boulevard, Matthew couldn’t get enough of Camila’s company “I just knew then… the next night after that, I wanted to go on another date. And the next night after that, I wanted to go on another date… I have been wanting to go on a date with her for the last 9 years, and not with anybody else!” 9 years and an oscar win later and Matthew is a very happily married. He still enjoys taking his shirt off and playing in the surf, but these days it tends to be with his wife and 3 kids in tow. And unlike some celebrities today, he isn’t afraid to show just how much he cares. When ever the couple are out and about, they are always seen holding hands, sharing a secret smile or stealing a kiss. The only bed Matthew leaves his boots under these days is the bed he shares with Camila, and I am more than happy for the both of them. Love is a gift to be shared without judgment or any pretence. A bond that can last forever…when found with the right one.

x x x

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