Tom Hanks Milestone

How ironic… I was relaxing on the couch this evening and had this sudden desire to watch You’ve Got Mail. Remember that fabulous ‘chick flick’ from the 90’s? It was huge when it came out, I still remember all my friends talking about it. Unfortunately I never got to watch it when it was first released, I lived too far away from any major town at the time. But when it came out on video, I watched it over and over for about a year. Tonight I took a trip down memory lane and relived the romance between Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly, with a glass of wine and my box of tissues beside me.

After I finished watching the movie I flicked over to our local news station to find out what was happening in the world. And lo and behold – there was Tom Hanks! The news reporter just finished saying something before a short clip was played. And there he was – again – with Meg Ryan, on the set of You’ve Got Mail! I had to laugh, oh the irony. What were the chances?! I was still shaking my head when the reporter announced “the actor turned 60 today, and he plans to celebrate with a simple beverage” what, really?? 60??!! If he’s 60, that would make me… damn he’s looking good 😉 Maybe enjoying those simple beverages have paid off, because he is looking mighty damn fine!! I need to find out what he is drinking, and enjoy a few myself 😉


Comfy on my couch 🙂

By the time I jumped into bed, I realised, I didn’t feel tired. In fact I could watch another Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan movie. Instead I started day dreaming…Tom Hanks, oh Tom… no… not that kind of day dreaming! 😉 He always been such an amazing entertainer, and one of my favourite actors. In fact, we all know how multi talented he is, but what makes him so special? What is it about him that just makes you go  awwww? For me it is his sense of humour. When he found our Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis were engaged, it was so funny!

Not only is he funny, he is also endearing, occasionally intense but overall he is such a big smooch! 🙂 But whenever he paired up with Meg Ryan, well my heart simply turned to goo. They just had “it”, that oo-la-la factor…you couldn’t help but swoon whenever the pair graced the big screen together. Their chemistry was simply amazing. You could see they genuinely liked and cared for each other. It would have been amazing to be on set with them. Their camaraderie never looks forced, they are not trying to get along, their connection was simply authentic, wonderful and completely captivating.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 7.45.14 pm

In 1990 – Joe Versus The Volcano was Tom and Meg’s first romantic comedy together. It was filled with fun, romance, undeniable chemistry, and a happy ending. It is incredible to think it has been 26 years since the movie was first released, yet the pair still remain the romantic standard that movie couples are measured against today. The movie may only have made 39.4 million dollars at the box office, but it has gone on to become a classic with fans flicking through Bigpond Movies and Netflix just to relive their charm.

Do you remember the film? It was a tad corny, but still a lot of fun to watch. Tom Hanks character Joe (yes I think he likes the name) thinks he has a terminal illness and sets off to jump into a volcano. Meg Ryan played his love interest in three different roles – she was his co-worker Dee-Dee, the wealthy industrialist’s daughter Angelica and her half-sister Patricia. Confusing, yes, but is was entertaining. Joe’s mission may have been to end his life by jumping into a volcano, but he must have been suffering from short-term memory loss not to have realised these three women look a lot alike 😉

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 7.03.58 pm

Joe Versus The Volcano

One of the best movies of 1993, Sleepless in Seattle went on to make a whopping 227.8 million dollars at the box office. This heartwarming romance was the 1993 version of Cary Grants movie An Affair To Remember and had viewers believing that soul mates really do exist. I know I believed it 😉 I remember feeling so excited when I saw this movie at the cinema centre in Albury, New South Wales. I absolutely loved the soundtrack – When I Fall In Love by Celine Dion and Clive Griffin and the wonderful song by Carly Simon, In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning… awwww.

It’s funny to think that Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan only shared the screen for a few scenes. Most of the movie was told from the point of view of Seattle widower Sam Baldwin, and the Baltimore Sun reporter Annie Reed living on opposites side of the country. But thanks to Sam’s son calling a radio talk show in an attempt to find his father a partner, these two lonely hearts found a way to fall in love and meet each other on top of the Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 8.54.17 pm

Sleepless in Seattle

You’ve Got Mail was released in 1998, when I was younger…and my hormones were running rampant 🙂 It may have been 18 years since the movie hit cinemas across Australia, I still laughed, blushed and shed a tear for these two lonely hearts last night. It made a staggering 250.8 million dollars in the box office and its easy to see why. The chemistry between book shop owner Kathleen (Meg) and the competition and owner of Fox Books – Joe (Tom) was magical. You’ve Got Mail may be dated now – I mean who owns a bookstore anymore, or has dial-up internet? Even the title is inspired by the old “You’ve got mail” sound AOL used to make. Despite that, the charm remains and the movie is still a favourite after all these years.

So while I still chuckle at the irony of finding out it was Tom Hank’s 60th birthday, after feeling compelled to watch one of his movies, I am thankful that I did. Seeing the riots in Dallas this evening and hearing of the death of five Dallas police officers, I really needed to remember that not everything is heartbreaking and scary. There is still good in the world, and thanks to the magic of cinema we can stop worrying for a short while and immerse ourselves in positive feelings and good old-fashioned romance and charm. It doesn’t mean we turn our back and ignore what is going on in the world, but we do need to find a balance. I don’t know about you, but me….well, I’m a sucker for romantic books and films. Any movies that remind me of the importance of love are winners for me.

x x x

  1. You’ve Got Mail has become like an old friend to me, a place to come back to and remember. To this day, if someone gave me a bouquet of sharpened pencils, I’d marry them on the spot!

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