Romantic Poem of Love

Well it’s 12.44 in the morning and my eyes are hanging from their sockets… zzzzz… I knew I shouldn’t have started something so late, but I couldn’t help myself. It was iMovie’s fault… not really, but I’ll blame them anyway. I’m tired, grumpy… I need sleep. I can hear Mitchell snoring from my study nook, that man needs his sinuses scrapped, his tonsils removed – something! We really should look into reinforcing the roof, one day the plaster will fall down on top of us. Oh… I shouldn’t say that – jinx – jinx – jinx…

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 1.09.39 am

Opps, I got distracted

Ok, I am going to bed – oh but before I do (zzzzzz) guess what I have been doing… want a hint? iMovie – video – lover of romance = romantic video – yehaw!!! It is called Romantic Poem of Love and I have to say I am feeling rather proud of it… zzzzzz Ok, I am about to sleep walk, except I am sitting here typing… I am about to sleep type, type snore – oh I’ll just put the link on this post, hopefully the clip will appear above and you can check out my latest creation for yourself. And if you like it, please spread the love and share it with your friends. Or, click on the back arrow and I will re think my next project 😉

Night all you lovers

x x x

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