Engraved Messages To Last Forever

Wedding rings, bracelets and charms are a symbol that will last long after the day they were given. They represent the love and affection felt for each other and are a reminder of all you share. Not just for today but for years to come. What kind of love do you and your partner share? Are you both fun and outgoing, reserved and private or romantic and charming? A mixture of them all maybe? Whatever your story is, it can be defined by a simple yet powerful message.

Inscriptions are a great way to remember promises or messages of love. Words you shared during a memorable moment in your lives such as a commitment or possibly a proposal could feel even more special engraved on a gift given at a later time. Adding a personal inscription to your jewellery adds meaning to it, and can make it the most important piece of jewellery you’ll ever have. Having the date you both met, got engaged or married engraved on a ring is quiet common. A romantic phrase or message of undying love look great on a bracelet. Personal nicknames, dates or short phrases such as ‘I Love You’ look fabulous on a charm.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 11.14.12 pm

Engraved Bracelet

Remember – different engraving methods offer options of style, size and look. They can also limit the amount of characters you can use. Script is a pretty type of font, but it takes up more room on a ring. Make sure you take the piece of jewellery you wish to be engraved to a reputable jeweller and ask for advice. And don’t settle with just one jeweller, obtain a few opinions and quotes for comparison. If you are going to leave a piece of jewellery with a business, no matter how professional they say they are, make sure you complete paperwork that states the jewellery you have left, ask the staff member you are talking to to sign it and get a copy. Even the best jewellers can “accidentally lose” a precious item.

If you would like to have something inscribed but are at a loss for words, I have included a few phrases you may want to use in the future. If you can think of something that is not on this list and would like to share it, simply leave a comment below.

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Timeless phrases and declarations of love –

I chose you
It was worth the wait
I kissed you first
We found love
Together forever
Yours forever
I smile for you
Forever yours
I’ve waited my whole life for you
My secret: I love you
The perfect pair
The perfect couple
For all our lives
Love of my life
Nothing else matters
My gracious love
I’ll always be by your side
I’ll stand by you
You’ll always be mine
I’ll go to the moon and back for you
My glorious wife
My fabulous husband
I caught you!
The answer to my prayers
I’ll love you forever
You’re my reason
Today and forever
You’re still so special
Sweetie, you’re mine!
With all my love
United as one
From this moment on (…/…/…/)
You own my heart
You are the owner of my heart
You hold the key to my heart
My soul mate!
Someone to love
The best thing in the world is you
Today, tomorrow, forever
I love you so much
I love you
Finally happy
To love, protect and cherish
You are my meaning
From this day…
Thank you for waiting
My love, my life, my friend
My solemn vow
Forever in love
You are beautiful
Let’s kiss
Mine, all mine
I married my best friend
Love until eternity
I made a wish
For a thousand reasons
You’re my world
My teddy bear
My doll
Every day and twice on Sundays
Kiss of love
My heart’s treasure
Today is only the first day
A deal is a deal!
A fire that burns without being seen
I always knew…
You are my blessing
Happy forever
They lived happily ever after
The first day of our journey
I will always dance with you
My true love
Forever young (her/him)
Forever together (her/him)
Two souls, one heart
We’ll never say goodbye
I will always love you
Legally yours
To love, respect and nag
Us against the world
I love you even more
When you look, remember
I finally found you
Me too
We got married! Can you believe it?
Love is the greatest adventure
I found you, I kept you
I made a secret wish
Do you remember when…?
A million words…
Two wishes came true
Everything I’ve always wished for
We are love
Yes, Yes, Yes
Dreams and kisses
A bond for life
My inspiration
The path of love
A love story

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