Jimmy Choo’s Cinderella Shoes

When I was a little girl, I was enchanted with the classic 1950’s animated film Cinderella. On the weekends, I would slip the video tape into the VHS player and sit back with my chocolate milk and Anzac biscuits. Our dog Leah could have chewed the couch to pieces, but I wouldn’t have noticed. Once those credits started to roll I was mesmerised. I remember feeling so sad when Cinderella’s father passed away and that she had to put up with those awful step sisters. As for the step mother, I learned what it was to dislike someone and I couldn’t wait until she met her fate. I wanted a pet mouse called Gus and a fairy godmother to bestow her magic on me. A golden carriage, a dress fit for a princess, even a pair of glass slippers would have made my day. Yes, I admit… I wanted to be Cinderella.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 8.57.07 pm

1950’s Disney Movie Cinderella

I never had a Cinderella costume, not like you see in Target these days. I had nothing but my imagination to rely on. My mums shirt on my little frame made do, if I spun fast enough it would bellow out and look like a dress. It worked, as I said, I had my imagination 🙂 When I was a little older my infatuation with Disney classics moved on and instead of wanting a tiara of diamonds I wanted a shining head-piece and gold lasso. I no longer thought sparkly slippers were cool, I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to join the Justice League and fight for fairness, love and peace – I wanted to be Wonder Woman. I even had the plastic costume with velcro tape on the back. I didn’t care if the summer heat nearly killed me, the only way that was coming off was if I passed out!

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 9.02.00 pm

Classic Wonder Woman Costume

Oh they were the days, when I didn’t have to deal with the stresses of life. When the only drama I had was trying to find where the video tapes were moved to, who drank all the milo and why I couldn’t stay up late?! But life moved on… I grew up. I became older, wiser and eventually forgot all those sweet fanciful thoughts. A golden carriage, who needs that? Prince Charming – huh, what rubbish! I’m a grown woman, I’m smart, I know how to survive and work things out for myself… who needs a fancy dress to get married in or nice sparkly shoes? I outgrew all that! Or did I? I may not be that little girl anymore but those ideas of romance, of being swept off my feet and finding my own Prince Charming… it never left me. I still think Lady Tremaine is a silly cow 😉 but more importantly I still believe in the dream. To be happy and in love. To find our own Prince Charming… for better, for worse, for richer or poorer – till death do us part.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 9.19.24 pm

Jimmy Choo’s Cinderella Shoes

The sentiment isn’t one that I and I alone share. When actress Lily James stepped out for the Berlin Film Festival premiere of Cinderella last year she garnered the attention of women around the world. And it wasn’t her rose-colored-silk Christian Dior strapless gown that set tongues wagging. When Lily lifted her dress on the red carpet, she revealed the most spectacular shoes ever to be created. It seems that the Malaysian born, UK-based designer Jimmy Choo had a dream of his own commissioning the special shoes for the film’s release. The classic Jimmy Choo stiletto, hand-encrusted with hundreds of crystals showed off the most amazing shimmering, otherworldly effect. On the toe were two-inch crystals that had been arranged like a bouquet… shoes fitting for a princess. “I think every girl desires a ‘Cinderella’ moment in their lives,” Jimmy Choo creative director Sandra Choi told the Hollywood Reporter “I wanted to create a shoe that felt magical, with alluring sparkle and a feminine, timeless silhouette evoking those childhood emotions.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 9.45.37 pm

Lily James Wearing Jimmy Choo Cinderella Shoes

One of the things I like to tell people is “We all enjoy a little magic and adventure… a little romance”, that no matter how old we get we still want to feel special. We still want to feel the magic and splendour of being in love. We all still have that little girl inside us, the one that would sip on her milo and watch Cinderella transform into the bell of the ball. We should never forget her, we should never push her away for those simple wishes that still live inside of us. We should remember to embrace our younger selves and enjoy life. If we want to fall in love, if we want to be the bell of the ball, if we want to wear sparkly shoes, than why shouldn’t we? Embrace our inner Cinderella’s and live life… love with all your heart and be happy.

x x x

If you would like more information or if you are coveting your own pair of Cinderella shoes, head over to Jimmy Choo and fall in love with the Crystal Covered Pointy Toe Pump ‘Cinderella Slipper’.

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