Bridget Jones Baby: Movie Review

After 12 years we finally get to find out what become of Bridget and her dear Mr Darcy 🙂 The last time we saw the pair, Bridget had told Marks colleagues “I also wanted to say, since having found out that his girlfriend is actually a lesbian, that I love him. Always have… always will.” It really was one of those swoon worthy moments, until the couple moved out into the hall. When Mark finally found the courage to say the words we had all been waiting to hear, Bridget had to go and put her damn foot in her mouth… “As long as it’s not, will you marry me!” WTH??!!!! Bridget… do shut up!!!! 🙂

When she realised she well and truly buggered things up, she did what only Bridget would do. She ran out of the room telling Mark to start all over again. It really was funny, until we all had to hold our breath again and wonder if Mark could recover from Bridget’s blunder and say those magic words. When he uttered those words “Bridget Jones… will you marry me?” we finally had something to celebrate! And watching the happy couple suck face was the icing on the cake.


Fast forward 12 years and where are they now? Well, Bridget is still unmarried…. single really, and still listening to sad fm on her lounge room couch. A few things have changed though and instead of listening to Celine Dion she is jumping up and down and embracing her 40+-year-old independent self. Gone are the days Bridget was consumed about her weight and what her friends thought of her. The older and wiser Ms Jones is no longer the bubbling, fumbling spinster… no she is in charge of her life and more than happy to embrace all it has to offer.

In Bridget Jones Baby, Bridget accepts an invite from her work colleague and attends a fun-filled music festival. While finding her accommodation, Bridget takes a face plant into a pile of mud, and who rescues her – no it wasn’t Daniel Cleaver, it was a handsome man called Jack Qwant (played by Patrick Dempsey). Jack is a middle-aged dating site mogul who is at the music festival for reasons I honestly cannot remember. Probably because I was to busy wondering what he looks like without his shirt on. Well it didn’t take long 😉


After a few hours of consuming enough alcohol to dull a whales senses 🙂 Bridget thinks she has found her tent and gets comfy in her bed. She soon discovers that the tent actually belongs to the delectable Mr Qwant who wants nothing more than to show Bridget what his “stats” are like. The two have a good old-time and for a short moment you think everything is going well in Bridget’s life. Seven days later and Bridget once again consumes a few glasses of bubbly at her friends christening. Enter Mark Darcy… at this point I wont give anything away, but you do find out what went wrong and why they never worked things out. Despite what went wrong, you can see that they never got over each other. A few drinks later and the two of them get a little more re acquainted 😉

Fast forward a few months and Bridget finds out she is pregnant, problem is she has no clue as to who the father is. Is it Jack, or is it Mark? What follows is a peeing contest between Jack and Mark. You would think it would be easy to find out, by I wont ruin that drama for you. Let me say, she reminded me of her old self having her mini break down 🙂 So no-one knows who the father is, both want to be and for the duration of Bridget’s pregnancy you have this entertaining conundrum involving two grown men trying to make a claim on something they are unsure of. Neither Jake or Mark is angry with Bridget or the predicament they have found themselves in, they just want to have their own happy families. Without the other guy of course!


So with that said, does the movie feel at all lacking without Daniel Cleaver? Yes, I thought it did. Jack and Marks dilemma was dealt with in a very mature way, well most of the time. Daniel didn’t have a mature bone in his body 🙂 We all remember how Mark and Daniel solved their issues… by throwing each other through windows or into fountains. It never got that serious between Jack and Mark and I thought it showed. The movie didn’t have those funny fight scenes.

It took a while for me to enjoy Bridget Jones Baby, I found it to be a tad lacking. The chemistry from the first two films simply wasn’t in Bridget Jones Baby. The movie was good, but the fact that Hugh Grants character Daniel Cleaver wasn’t in it was noticeable. That said I would still recommend it. Bridget Jones Baby opens across Australia Thursday the 15th of September. Go check it out and let me know what you thought.

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P.S I did have a bit of drama with Village Cinemas in regards to their Flicks With The Chicks event. I was so annoyed I ended up contacting Village Cinemas. As far as I, and many others a concerned, if you advertise a product and promote a service to a certain standard you should try to do you best to make sure what you offer is available to all your customers. Simply not having the time is not good enough. if you don’t have the time to present the event to the same standards as others then you should not sell tickets to it!

For that story and the reply I received from Village Cinemas simply click on the story below.

Village Cinemas: You Get What You Pay For?

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