The Best Relationship Advice… from Miss Piggy

Best known for her role on The Muppets, her long-lasting relationship with Kermit and for having one of the best plastic surgeons in the world… I mean come on, can you tell how many “nips and tucks” she has had? 😉 Miss Piggy has revealed some of her most favoured words of wisdom when it comes to the art of falling in love.

The proud Porcine-American has shared all the drama, comedy and ups and downs of being a successful, powerful and multi-talented pig-chick in Hollywood. But just because she’s famous, it doesn’t mean she is happy, does it? Sure, you can dine with some fabulous celebs, wear some cool designer clothes… but what does it all mean if you don’t have someone to share it with?

Looking back on the years she shared with Kermit and the few lovers she has dated in between, Miss Piggy has taken great pride in educating other women from how to meet a man to how far should a girl go on a first date.

Below are a few more of Miss Piggy’s most entertaining thoughts, when it comes to meeting the man of your dreams 🙂

x x x

“When you are in love with someone you want to be near him all the time, except when you are out buying things and charging them to him.”


“Patience is overrated. You want something? Go get it right now.”


“Express your feelings all the time… unless you’re trying to hide something.”


“Moi has always possessed a charm that is lethal to men.”


“Who should ask whom out? As long as he’s paying, who cares?”


“How far should a girl go on the first date? Tucson. However, if you live in Texas, you can probably go a bit farther.”


“Take some time to relax with the one you truly love… even if you have to dream it up.”


“There is only one gift you should accept on your first date – diamonds.”


“The definition of an eligible man: He’s breathing.”


“Your future together holds such promise. Why ruin it by telling him your plans?”


“I don’t care what you think of me, unless you think I’m awesome. In which case you are right.”


    • I know, I cracked up laughing writing the article. There were so many more quotes to choose from, in the end it was a flip of the coin. She is spunky, sassy and isn’t afraid to speak her mind… there’s a bit of the queen piglet in us all 🙂 x


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