Yankee Game Proposal Goes Awry

Imagine this – your out with your boyfriend enjoying a Yankees baseball game when suddenly your boyfriend gets down on one knee and presents a little velvet-black box. You are surrounded by thousands of people and many of those around you are watching your face to see how you react. Suddenly your boyfriend gets up and starts looking around, he’s nervous, panicked even… then he tells you “I lost the ring!”

This is what happened to 29-year-old Andrew Fox when he surprised his girlfriend, 21-year-old Heather Terwilliger, at the Red Sox/Yankees game in New York City earlier today. “I literally started crying because I thought it was lost,” said Andrew of Pennsylvania. “It happened so fast.”


Fox’s girlfriend was apparently shocked, first by the proposal and then by the empty box. “I didn’t know how to react,” Heather told ESPN. 

When those around the couple heard what had happened, they began looking under their own seats for the diamond ring. The entire saga was captured on national television and broadcast on the stadiums video board with game commentators giving a play-by-play of the drama going on in the left field stands rather than the pitch.

The video posted above shows just how devastated the couple felt. Luckily the ring was found in the rolled up cuff of Heather’s jeans and after a few deep breaths Andrew was able to get back down on bended knee and propose to his girlfriend. Now that’s what I call a ‘home run’ 😉 Talk about a home-run. I just hope the cute couple have many other stress-free baseball games together!


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