Rebbecca and Chris Judd Welcome Twin Boys

It was only last night that I was wondering when Rebecca Judd was going to have her babies… and then ‘hello’, today I read she finally welcomed her twin boys, Darcy and Tom into the world. About time! 🙂 Last time I watched Rebecca present the weekend weather on the Nine Network I thought if she sneezed it would make for one hell of a blooper! “Today we can expect sunshine…and a little shower or two” 😉 Viewers have been far more captivated watching her body grow than who was getting any rain. Even watching her host Victorian-based travel program Postcards was a lesson in patience with viewers guessing what stage her pregnancy was in during her segments.


Back in August, Rebecca made news headlines when Nine Networks sports presenter tried to give her a kiss. It was her last night presenting the weather before she began her maternity leave and Tony wanted to give her a good luck smooch, but it turned a tad awkward when Rebecca realised he was puckered up and coming in fast. Quickly moving her lips out of the line of fire 🙂 Rebecca saved what would have been an awkward situation. Luckily both her and Tony shared a laugh and for those of us that witnessed it, we got to share in some fun online banter. Unfortunately a few people took it to heart and slammed Tony for being inappropriate. I don’t think he truly meant to kiss her on the lips, it was simply spontaneous, a tad awkward but very entertaining 🙂


Rebecca Judd Instagram @becjudd

Chris Judd, that man has the most adorable smile, and when there is a snap shot of the couple I always have a girly moment. You know – aaawww 😉 He always looks at Rebecca like he just won the lottery, I think it is so sweet. The guy is in l-o-v-e and I think it is absolutely adorable. Looking at Rebecca’s Instagram account and her family posts, she is an incredibly lucky young woman. Weather girl, host on a great travel show, model, fashion designer and interior decorator… a very busy woman indeed. And not only does she have a wonderful supportive husband, with the addition of her twin boys she now has 4 gorgeous healthy happy children.


Rebecca Judd Instagram @becjudd

“Tom and Darcy Judd are here! Born at lunch time today, perfectly healthy. We are the luckiest parents in the world.” She wrote on her Instagram account. I am sure the boys older brother Oscar and sister Billie will adore their little brothers, the rest of Australia sure does 🙂

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