Does Romance Exist?

I was listening to Neil Mitchell discuss romance on 3AW this morning and couldn’t help but burst out laughing. It was completely silly of me really, but I just couldn’t wrap my mind around the hard-hitting journalist and radio personality walking into Myers and looking for the perfect pair of lacy briefs for his wife. Then I thought about it… why wouldn’t he? He is a guy, when he does discuss his family on air it is with the utmost respect and kindness. He obviously loves his wife, why wouldn’t he buy something special for her? I turned up the radio and listened a little more to the conversation. “Is romance a thing of the past?” Neil went on to talk about demographics and wanted to know if men and women under the age of 30 believe in it.

I was going to call him then I got sidetracked looking at the demographics of my Facebook business page. The majority of my visitors are aged between 25 and 37, and 1/3 of my visitors are men, in this same age bracket. Despite the fact that I am not a marketing guru and as a result my numbers do fluctuate, I can honestly say that romance is not dead. If it was, then no-one would be visiting my blog, there would be no television shows such as The Bachelor, First Dates or Married at First Sight and movie studios wouldn’t bother making romantic comedies. Why, because no-one would be interested – and going by my stats, the fact that television networks are churning out reality shows like clockwork and major networks are producing box office hits such as Bridget Jones Baby, The Choice, Me Before You and Cafe Society to name a few – it’s a pretty darn good indication that romance is alive and well.


So what would lead someone into thinking romance doesn’t exist? I have a few different views, some of which you may not like. First of all, you have the extreme feminists who feel that romance is a whole lot of bull****! That women can open their own doors – thank you very much – and that they do not need a man for anything. They can pay for their own meals and don’t think of touching their chair, they are quite capable of seating themselves. Flowers and chocolates are clichéd and asking them if they can cook would be detrimental to your health! Extreme feminists have taken the token of burning their bras to a whole new level. Their mothers and grandmothers may have started the cause, but this new generation have taken capability and independence to a whole new level!

Then you have the ‘romance is crap’ group. They tend to make no effort in their appearance, don’t think they should clean their home and feel that cooking and being fit and healthy is over rated. They either don’t understand why a good-looking person would never talk or acknowledge them or blame the opposite sex for expecting too much, being unrealistic or a snob. Romance is for those who ‘want’ something and not for the average Joe. They also think romance is nothing more than a money-making marketing ploy for big corporations.


Next you have the ‘once bitten, twice shy’ group. This group has experienced love, been on the receiving end of a rose or two and once thought a delicious box of chocolates was the sweetest thought ever. For whatever the reason maybe, things didn’t work out and now they look back on the entire experience with nothing but negativity. They refer to sweet gestures as people being pathetic and spend special days like Valentines Day making a Voodoo Doll of their ex. Deep down they want to believe in love, but make no effort to get back into the game. They will stand in the corner of their local pub surrounded by their friends and will wait for some poor schmuck to make the first move.

I know I am poking at some of you, but if you leave a nasty comment it will only tell me I have struck a chord. So before you take a long hard look at your keyboard and contemplate how to start your tirade, let me say this – there are times when romance does feel a little clichéd, I get that, but you know what? …romance is simply this…. it is that feeling of excitement you get, that flutter deep in your belly when you think of someone special in your life. It is that sense of mystery and the anticipation you feel when you meet up with someone who make your toes curl 😉 It is the happiness that reaches all the way to your soul, and that feeling you get when someone you love holds you close.


Romantic gestures such as a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates is what I like to think of as the icing on the cake. It could be a cup of coffee waiting for you when you walk in the door, or could be the bath that is filling for you when you finish work. It could even be the sexy text message you read on your train ride into the city in the morning. Romantic gestures mean something different to everyone. It comes down to how well you know each other. Romance is simply the act of showing someone how much you care. Does romance exist? While we are all still living, breathing and falling in love, romance will always be alive. It is in every single one of us. Deep down we all want to feel a connection to someone, be accepted for who we are, and to feel appreciated. We all just want to be loved, and romance is simply a way of expressing those feelings.

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  1. Me and my partner regularly go out and spend quality time together.. We both share tasks at home and believe in 50/50 input. We do sweet gestures to each other because we want the other to know how much we care. Continue with the great articles!

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