20 Creative Romantic Ideas

I recently came across an article that mentioned some wonderful romantic things to do with your partner and I honestly thought what?!! Brushing each others teeth…. that’s not romantic, that damn weird! Could you imagine – “Hold still, keep your mouth open and don’t swallow” doesn’t sound right with a mouth full of minty foam now does it?!! Not the most romantic of situations either, depending on which way you look at it 🙂 So I thought I would put my two cents in and create my own list.

It surprises me how many people don’t know how to be, or know what is considered romantic. It isn’t all about giving your partner chocolates and red roses, it is about the excitement and mystery of being in love and how you express those feelings. It is also about reconnecting and enjoying the time you spend together. Maybe a quick tumble in the sheets is your idea of being charming, but to most men and women, they appreciate a little something more.

Below is my list of the best 20 creative romantic ideas to do with your partner, and none of these ideas cost a cent! They simply involve a dash of flirting, a sprinkle of excitement and a good healthy dusting of fun 😉 If you think of something that should be on the list, simply leave a comment.

x x x


1. Blindfold… aha, thats right. Use a tea towel or a handkerchief if you have one and blindfold your partner. Take them to an intimate spot and relax. Enjoy some time together.

2. Take a shower or bath together. Sounds simple doesn’t it, but how often do you do it? It’s not hard to do, and can be lots of fun.

3. Get some oil and give each other a good massage. This can be done after you wash each other. Loosen up all those tense muscles.

4. Dress each other. In the morning you can give each other a little tease. Keep them on edge desperately wanting to get back home and finish what you started.

5. Find a nice secluded place to lie and watch the stars. By the beach, on a hilltop… doesn’t matter where you go. The point is to take a moment out of your day and relax together.

6. Send each other sexy adorable texts. Can be a few words, a bit of leg… nothing too revealing, you don’t want your co-worker or your mother to see them.

7. Go dancing. You’re never to old to have fun. It’s about keeping the romance alive and well. Go out and shake your tooshy, have fun and make wonderful memories.

8. Take a fun snap together and save it as your phone’s wallpaper. How often do we look at our phones? a lot! What better than to have an adorable photo of each other to look at when you miss them most?!

9. Cook together. Something quick and simple. Better still eat together in your birthday suits. Make a picnic in your lounge room and light a few candles.

10. Carve your initials in a tree. Vandalism – bar humbug! It’s declaring your love 😉 Give your future children something to laugh about.


11. Leave a note in the car. On the dash-board, the steering wheel or the windscreen wiper. Leave a short love you note, a poem or an i.o.u 😉

12. Find a photo of when you both first started dating and put it on their pillow. Or you could leave it stuck to a morning coffee. Nothing like a fun stroll down memory lane.

13. Get some chocolate sauce, lemon butter or honey will do and use a paint brush or your fingers and paint each other. Ok, this is kinky… but a lot of fun 😉

14. Make breakfast in bed. Not just a coffee, some toast, cereal or good old bacon and eggs. Fluff up your pillows and eat side by side. Feed each other, then lie back and relax or burn off the calories!

15. Burn a cd with your favourite songs. Could include your wedding song, a song you shared when you met or a favourite blast from the past.

16. Take a walk down memory lane Visit some of the special places from your early days of dating.

17. Try some sexy role-playing. Be a private investigator and frisk your partner, make sure to check all those little nooks 😉 Maybe you’re a nurse and you need to care for your loved one. Be daring and have fun.

18. Go for a walk together. This is something easy to do. You can both take a walk around the block… collect a rose, be debonaire 😉 It can be relaxing and enjoyable.

19. Cuddle on the couch and watch a classic movie together. Flip a coin as to who’s going to choose the movie and cook up some popcorn. Get a blanket and set up a little love nest on the lounge room floor.

20. Watch the sunset together. Cant have a list without this one on it 🙂 No matter where you are you can cuddle up and watch the sun go down. If its impossible to leave the house you still have no excuse. The backyard, courtyard, balcony… it’s about chilling out with your loved one.

x x x


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