Celebrity Best Wishes For The New Year

Twitter can be frustrating yet incredibly addictive. It’s amazing how quickly times flies by when your checking your social media channels. I had no idea the sun was setting until my youngest daughter mentioned food. I was thinking of a witty comeback – something along the lines of buying worming tablets – when I noticed it was in fact getting dark outside. How did that happen… grrrr. Damn you Twitter!!!! 🙂 A quick peek at author Nicholas Sparks ‘tweets’ somehow led me to Gwyneth Paltrows favourite summer recipes and in my defence, if you have ever used Twitter, I am sure you can understand how easy that can happen.

So while cooking my daughters favourite honey soy chicken I picked up my iPhone and had another peek – in my defence I was trying to remember Gwyneth’s fruit salad 🙂 The more twitter accounts I searched (looking for more salad ideas of course) the more I realised how many celebs went MIA over the holiday period, not that I blame them. Enjoying quiet time with family and friends doesn’t include the rest of us, but I would have thought a quick “Best Wishes” wouldn’t have been too hard. Adele, Melissa McCarthy, Ben Affleck, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tom Cruise, Kevin Hart…. where were they? MIA!! along with my clothing order from Rockmans!!!

Thankfully not every one was lost, some celebs took a quick 20 seconds out of their day and spread some christmas cheer, and to say thank you I am spreading their wishes. If you have found any other celebrity christmas cheer, please leave a message.

x x x

Hugh Jackman was busy showing off his athleticism on his twitter page…. shame the view wasn’t from the front 😉 Mind you, I’m just happy his legs didn’t take out the glass railing… damn those long legs. Hugh was busy napping, enjoying some delicious fine foods and a few glasses of bubbly during the festive season and why not. The man sure is going to be busy in 2017 promoting his latest Wolverine movie called Logan as well as a The Greatest Showman. No the movie isn’t about Hugh 🙂 He will be starring as P.T. Barnum, founder of the world-famous Barnum & Bailey Circus family. Until those movies hit the big screen we will just have to resort to sneak peeks of Hugh and his abs on his twitter page.


Reese Witherspoon is such a sweety. Every time I Google Reese she is making a cake, talking about skin care or being a fabulous mother to her wonderful children. Yes she occasionally talks about her films, but I don’t know if you have ever noticed, whenever she is being interviewed she would rather discuss the little things we do in our lives. What she ate for breakfast, what she plans to do with her time off. She would have to be one of the most wholesome, most sweetest down to earth celebs today. I can’t help but compare her to her character on Sweet Home Alabama, Melanie Smooter. I couldn’t imagine Reese setting her cat alight or that she would ever ditch a man at the altar, but that sweet country gal, well thats all Reese. A kind hearted sassy southern belle.


Dolly Parton. I started off on Reese’s twitter and ended up on Dolly’s … see how easy it is to do 🙂 But with a comment like “No dream you can’t accomplish. No mountain you can’t climb. So, activate your love and faith. You can change. #2017” what’s not to admire! The woman who I will say was responsible for my misbegotten youth – don’t all 9 to 5 women wear socks in their bras? Dolly has been an inspiration to women throughout her career 😉 Ok, so she has big hair, long nails and a large bust… a very large bust, when you picture the petite blonde her measurements are not the only thing we think of. Most of the time… 🙂 Dolly has written and performed some of the biggest hits including I Will Always Love You which was also performed by Whitney Houston in the 1992 hit movie The Bodyguard. Another of her hits – Jolene recently made a comeback on music charts when she performed the song live with her god-daughter Miley Cyrus. As Dolly said below – “Don’t get so busy making a livin’ that you forget to make a life” I couldn’t agree with you more.


James Corden. One of the worlds most recognisable chauffeur drivers, James has had a busy year bellowing out tunes with the likes of Madonna, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga and Rod Stewart. He asked me to join him, but I declined. I was busy that day painting my toe nails and plucking a stray hair out of my butt cheek, but I have to say… I’m not the only now to have turned down the star of The Late Night Show. A few have turned the other way… but most of them come to their senses and gave him a call when they realised what a fabulous idea it is. Some have chosen not to sing thinking their diva status would be enough (leave that one to you to figure out) some have come along with their friends – George Clooney and Julia Roberts, some have even sounded better live than we could ever have imagined – Joanna 🙂 But all have been entertaining in their own right and I would not miss a show if my life depended on it 🙂


Celine Dion. I think one of the best Christmas and New Years wish was from Celine Dion. After the death of her husband René Angélil in January last year, Celine stepped back from the spotlight and concentrated on her children. Even watching her message published on the 21st of December, viewers can see that she is still getting over her loss. But she managed to dust herself off and made the time to record a beautiful message for her fans. “Hi everyone. The holiday season is here again. A time when we remember the happy and sad days of this past year. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all my fans for their love and precious support. The holidays are about spending quality time with the people you cherish the most… and telling them how much you love them. May the new year bring health, peace and happiness to you and your loved ones. Happy holidays. I love you.” – @celinedion Twitter.


Dwayne Johnson. Who knew that this 6ft 4 inches of hunky man meat would today be one of our most beloved entertainers? I would love to say ‘I did’, but I had never heard of The Rock or the World Wrestling Federation until I Googled Dwayne after the release of his 2007 hit family movie The Game Plan. I remember thinking “who is this man?” like as in “hello gorgeous” and yes, women do think that way 🙂 Dwayne has shown that he is more than just a few bulging muscles and a charming smile, the guy has great business sense and one of the biggest hearts in hollywood. He has gone on to make some of the best movies of the past decade with hits such as Get Smart (2008), Faster (2010), G I Joe Retaliation (2013), San Andreas (2015) and the Fast and Furious franchise…. and these are only a few of his fabulous movies. Dwayne is a delightful entertainer, a marketers dream and above all a wonderful human being.


Madonna. The woman is so busy that I often wonder if she sleeps. She was shooting an ad for Heineken on New Years Day and still managed to say a big thank you to her fans. She isn’t the queen for nothing! She works far too much and gives far too much of herself that I sincerely hope she doesn’t burn herself out. Yes I know that sounds hypocritical considering I just mentioned her fan-based ‘thank you’ but I still wonder. Madonna, I really don’t know what else to say, she is such a high-profile woman… would it really matter? Well this little pea in the pod will say this – I think she is by far one of the most inspirational women today. I hope she is still doing what she loves, what she enjoys, what matters to her until what ever day she deems she has had enough. I will be more than thankful for her contributions.


x x x

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