Married At First Site Contestant Not Happy!

Married At First Site contestant Simone Brennan is not happy, and she is not afraid to speak her mind on her own website titled Simone Lee Brennan – Makeup Artist. If you thought her blog was all about eye shadows, lip gloss and the best moisturiser to be found online – think again! Simone has a page on her blog called The Dating Journal which she devotes to documenting her ins and outs of dating and her man worthy tribulations for readers to absorb. Her dating page is filled with lots of fascinating stories such as – I So Cannot Be Bothered, a confusing yet interesting story about dating and wondering if it is all worth it, The Thrill Of The Chase, But I Leave In the Morning and so much more.

The more of Simone’s articles I read the more confused I became. Girl – put down that Cosmo! You may know what your thinking, but the rest of us don’t! Reading some of Simone’s stories was like trying to find Carrie Bradshaw’s signature necklace… extremely difficult and with a lot of angst! That said, after a few re reads I was able to get to the bottom of her issues. Simone wants to find Mr Right, or Mr Possibility… and good on her, who doesn’t?!! In her search for ‘The One” she has written some confusing yet entertaining stories of dating, having high expectations and of not being able to find love. So what was a girl to do? If you can’t find love the old-fashioned way… go on national television of course!


2016 will more than likely be the year Simone looks back on with fond memories and with a good healthy dash of WTF!!!! Signing up with Married at First Site may not have given her the man of her dreams nor the life she wanted but I am sure she is shaking her head and having a laugh.  All that aside, I can’t help but wonder – what did she think was going to happen? Did she think the producers were going to present her with a gorgeous buff guy who has an admirable career her family would be proud of? A guy who said all the right things, who was charismatic, confident and career focused to her liking? No, of course not. How boring would that be?!!

If you have been living under a rock and have no idea what the show is about – Married at First Sight is a social experiment. The show features a select group of men and women who have been matched together by a panel of “experts”. They all agree to get married on national television with the catch being that each of the couples have never met before. As a viewer, its like watching a car crash in slow motion. You know its gonna hurt, that people will walk away confused and a tad upset but there’s nothing that can be done about it. Unless your name is Simone Brennan and you have a blog and a few loyal readers 🙂


Simone has gone a step further and detailed everything wrong with the show. The take after take of her wedding day and all the behind the scene drama which included finding out her blind date, or surprise hubby was not interested in getting hitched. According to Simone, Xavier was only interested in being on national television to gain “potential front-of-house sports presenting gigs”. I don’t think I would be to happy if I was in the same boat. But it all comes back to this – it is a television show. It’s supposed to be engaging, fun and at times disastrous to watch – that’s how the show gets its ratings. If it was all smooth sailing and every contestant was perfect it would be boring, there would have been few viewers and the show would have been axed.

My other point is this – what kind of person would marry someone they have never met?… Of all things, on national television?!! Forget the family tampered arranged marriage, this is so much more than that. Your pain and humiliation is bared not just to your close friends and family, but for the world to see. Your future employers, your future children and your future husband! That slow motion car wreck will be replayed over and over for the rest of your life. Your choice will be scrutinised, pulled apart and judged by all who see it. And why? To risk it all for love? Is dating really that bad that you would marry a stranger? Simone had a lot to say about Xavier, and the shows producers, but what about Simone? Did she have ulterior motives?


Simone has another page on her blog called In The Press. The page is mainly taken up with her stint on the reality show, surprise surprise. With articles such as “Married at First Sight star said she was more worried about how she’d look, than marrying a stranger” , “Forget the wedding, Married at First Sight’s Simone was most nervous about her face.” and “Married At First Sight’s Simone Brennan shares the 13 beauty products she used for her wedding look.” I can’t help but wonder, did she use the show to promote herself? Was she only looking for love as her Dating Journal says or was she looking for media exposure to launch her name? Simone may not be happy but here’s the reality check – it’s a game. You play it to your advantage and if you lose, don’t complain about the rules. Love and romance… how can that possibly exist when there’s no opportunities to truly be alone and get to know each other. Each contestant is there to win, but what they want and what they get can be two completely different things.

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  1. I think you may be onto something here!…. she bagged him out for using the show to launch a career and appears to be doing the same thing herself. Nothing wrong with that but she shouldn’t have a go at him when she does it too!

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