I’ll Be Your Passenger!!!

Film critics are lying to you!!!!!! That was the first thing that came to my mind when I started typing this article. If I had listened to all the garbage written by some of Americas supposed “top critics” I would never have stepped foot into my local cinema. Then one day in the future I would have seen it on Netflix, watched it and kicked myself over the loss! Why? Because good movies should be seen on the big screen, and if I had listened to those pompous windbags I would have missed out on this fantastic movie in full IMAX splendour!

But you know what? After reading all the sh** written on sites such as Rotten Tomatoes, I decided to risk my $21.50 and go see it for myself! Well, the cinema was packed and as the lights dimmed everyone gave the big screen all their undivided attention.


By now I am sure you have heard of the plot. No? Let me put into a quick few sentences without spoiling too much. 5,000 people have paid to move to a new planet. Sound cool? Yes, I think so too 🙂 Along the way something really big happens and as a result Chris Pratt’s character Jim Preston is woken up. He soon finds out that he has not arrived to his destination, in fact he is nowhere near it! To make matters worse, he also finds out he was the only one to wake up. WTF??!! Yeah exactly – time to freak out!

Just when he thinks being sucked into outer space would be more fun than walking around a great big ship all by yourself, he comes across another passenger. Jennifer Lawrence’s character, Aurora Lane, has also woken up and is wondering what is going on. What do two people do all alone on a great big ship in the middle of nowhere millions of miles from home… they get it on 😉 Ok, it’s a little more intricate than that. They both work together to figure out whats going on, why they woke up and how they can get back to sleep.


Over time, more and more things go wrong with the ship. Instruments, robots and all sorts of things malfunction. But with the use of his fit bod and brains, Jim and Aurora save the day. Or do they? Hmm… Passengers was a really good movie. It wasn’t all action packed like Star Wars latest flick Rogue One, it was what I consider to be more realistic. If shit was going to hit the fan, Passengers was exactly what I would think would realistically happen.

So why the bad reviews? I think a lot of the movie critics from these sites have got nothing better to do than watch art house movies and learn french. So from this little Aussie blogger, I recommend seeing it! There are no sub titles, there are no actors busting a vein to win an oscar and there are no over-the-top visuals to leave you wondering WTF! Let me know your thoughts.

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  1. Fair review, and another movie i saw without seeing the trailer (i love being surprised instead of knowing some bit will happen). It was quite good but a few bits dragged. Anyway, keep reviewing because i do enjoy your movie reviews, .. similar tastes i think.

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