10 Reasons Why Guys Love Romance

Get ready for it – I’m about to tell you a little secret, are you ready for it? here it comes…. Guys can be romantic! No, I’m not being condescending or stupid – but I did want to get your attention. You see after years of being a woman and talking to my many friends I have reached this conclusion. Men love romance just as much as we do. I bet your laughing right now!!? Think about this… when was the last time you did something really meaningful for your man such as give him a massage, got him tickets to see his favourite sports team or walked around the house in some sexy lingerie just for his perusal? When you did, did he turn away or did you get his motor running? 😉

Romance isn’t all about giving your lover chocolates and roses, it’s about keeping the excitement and mystery associated with love alive and well. Remember all the fun things you did when you first started dating? The longer couples stay together the more we tend to slip into bad habits. The days of dressing up in something sexy become a thing of the past. Yeah yeah, you have kids right? Most of us do… Find the time! Relationships should not be taken for granted. You stop working at it and one or both of you will wonder if its worth it.

Men are visual creatures, most don’t like mind games and most of them need to feel a connection just as much as us women do. They are not that hard to work out. They can be romantic, it is just that guys process there wants differently than we do. You don’t have to wear Heidi Klum’s latest bustier to get him interested, If you wore his footy shirt and let the wind blow around down their he would be more than happy! Men have the same need to feel appreciated as we do, they just don’t need all the fan fare we think they do.

Planning a little fun can take very little effort, but what ever gesture you have planned will keep your relationship fresh and balanced. Below is my list of the ten best reasons why guys love romance. Have a peek, and if you think of any others, leave a comment below.

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Romantic Couple


Guys need to feel appreciated just as much as us women do. Treating him to a romantic date will reassure him that you appreciate his time and enjoy spending quality moments with him. A great date night idea could be tickets to see a movie, something he would like. Ask him to meet you at a bar for a few drinks. Go to a football game together, walk along a river, a pier and pull a fishing rod out of your bag – surprise him, he will love it!!! Guys appreciate it when their girl remembers what he likes and doesn’t like, that he is still on her mind.


Sounds simple doesn’t it? But it is surprising how much this fades over time. Guys need to feel a physical caress just as much as women do. Put your hand on his leg while watching tv together or while in the car 😉 Touch his shoulder as you walk past him, run your fingers along the hair on the back of his neck. Kiss him tenderly, nothing rushed, it’s all about stimulating his senses and reminding him that you still have an effect on him.


Stop second guessing everything. Be a little impulsive. You want to call into his work with a little surprise? Do it! Write him a sexy note, wrap up a pair of silky knickers and let him know your not wearing any… its all about having some fun. Your never to old to put some spice back into your relationship. Kids… they can put the stops on, which is why its more important to do these kids of things. Be a little kinky, a little provocative… have some fun 😉


Acknowledging someone can take many forms. You can nod, wave or say hello… but those forms of communication can be a little boring. Check him out, and I mean check him out 😉 Unlike women, guys don’t mind being given the ‘look over’. They don’t feel “objectified” or “disrespected” they actually like being perused. They know they have the goods and don’t mind you looking. Your man has something you like? let him know. If he mentions something about himself, acknowledge it, and say something nice about it.


As I said above, guys are visual creatures. they are always drawn to something that visually stimulates them, wether it be the latest McLaren, spanner set at Bunnings or long legs… give your man something to think about. The kids are at a friend’s house, your parents… undo a few buttons on your shirt and give him something to look at 😉 You dropped something on your skirt, you may have to remove it and throw it in the wash, maybe he can help with the zipper 😉


Romantic Couple


Guys love to be surprised, especially when they are feeling down. Nothing perks up your spirits more than the idea of doing something fun. Let him know everything will be ok, and that you have been thinking about him. Surprise him with a drive to the beach. Buy a bottle of wine and some cheese and crackers and watch the sunset together. Maybe a drive to a winery? Go for a walk around your local markets. You could maybe do something on a more grand scale, depending on your finances.


Guys love to see the woman they care for enjoying herself and having a fun time. They also love to see her feeling confident and enjoying who she is with. Flirt with him, then flirt a little more. Show him how much you enjoy his company. A little touch, a cheeky smile, a few kinky words… turn his world upside down 😉 There’s not a guy on the planet who doesn’t feel a spark when you do it. They are suckers for female attention and love it when they are on the receiving end of your banter.


Really… laughing releases stress, can help reduce blood pressure and helps bond people together. It can become habit to complain to one another, but being a sound board to your partner can be tiring. Yes it’s about being there for each other, but it’s also about enjoying the good times. As long as his attempts at humor are funny and he isn’t being offensive, smile and enjoy the moment. Thats said, if you made plans but something happened that was out of your control, laugh about it. Life can be so stressful, enjoy each moment and remember to laugh.


Talk about what is going on in your life and ask for advice. Guys like to feel like they are in some way protecting and helping those they care for. Yes its a bit caveman, but that is the way they are built. You don’t have to tell them everything little thing that is going on, how many times your cat peed on the carpet… that kinds of thing 🙂 its about involving your man in your life. In turn he will share his life with you. Knowing more about each other helps you to understand each other on a more intimate level.


Being in control and feeling like they are achieving their goals is just as important to a guy. Even when things or not going to plan, a guy will want his woman to be in his corner. A woman who believes in him and who will always see him as ‘the man’. Sound corny? Well its true, I have yet to meet a man who doesn’t feel this way. No matter what is going on in the world, with his girl by his side he will feel like he can accomplish and win anything. If something he has planned does come to tuition, plan something fun. A dinner, a weekend away… he will love it.

On one last note, I will say this… being romantic, affectionate and loving will help to bring out a guys feelings. Yes, true. He will feel more relaxed, less stressed and more willing to open up. 🙂

  1. Excellent Post…it is the reasons you stated is why when these things don’t happen in a relationship is why men will seek out another women, I really can relate to the point of feeling appreciated. If a person doesn’t feel that ….they will find someone who will. And yes we men are romantic when we are connected to someone!!!! Great post

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