Dear Romance Novel Snobs – Screw You!

Bravo Bravo!!! Hand this girl a martini!! It is so nice to find someone else out there educating silly people and spreading support and love to those of us that already know better. If you are new to this blog then welcome 🙂 If you enjoy romance in all its forms – books, movies, dating ideas, celebrity romance etc then I raise my glass of wine to you and tell you to get comfortable 🙂 If you are one of those that turn up their nose and think romance is for the weak-minded – then in the words of Fangirl Musings Youtube Clip above – Screw You!

To those of you out there who may have stumbled onto this blog wondering what is this crap? – this entertaining tirade is for you! Think of it as a wake up call – or better still, a proverbial bitch slap! Harsh? maybe, but like this wonderful You-Tuber below, Fangirl Musings, I too get tired of listening to small-minded individuals spewing their proverbial bullshit and laughing at what I deem to be an enjoyable, relaxing and entertaining past time.


Romance has been around since the beginning of time. From poets and presidents to kings and courtesans, history is filled with great romances and timeless stories of love. From historic figures like Casanova, whose name has become synonymous with romance, to India’s Shah Jahan, who built one of the world’s most magnificent buildings to honor his wife, to modern love affairs like that of Carrie Bradshaw and ‘Big’, romantics have long had a place in popular imagination.

To turn your nose up and think romance is not relevant in today’s society, then here’s a few facts for you – According to the Romance Writers of America and the Neilson Polling GroupThe Association of American Publishers (AAP) and the Book Industry Study Group (BISG) the estimated annual total sales value of romance books in 2014 was over 1 billion dollars! And that was just the U.S. Ever since movie box office stats were kept, online groups such as Box Office Mojo, The Numbers and Statista have kept detailed records of sales and takings of the best and worst movies produced since the mid 70’s. Some of the highest grossing films of all time have been romance films. Titanic, Ghost, Fifty Shades of Grey, Jerry Maguire, The Vow, The Bodyguard, Indecent Proposal, City of Angels and Dirty Dancing (to name a few) have made millions of dollars. Titanic alone grossed $658 million, one of the highest grossing films of all time.


Passengers Movie (2016) Quote

Each day millions of men and women pick or purchase a flower and present it to the one they love and adore. Each day people walk hand in hand to their nearest coffee shop and enjoy a coffee together in a cosy little corner. Each day calls are made, messages are sent, dates are arranged. Why? Because there is one way of showing how much you care, and that is by expressing the way you feel in the form of a meaningful gesture. Romance is alive and well and if you don’t like it – then Screw You….

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