Commander in Chief by Katy Evans

I want to say a great big thank you to one of my regular readers, Cheryl, for recommending this book. I am so glad you introduced me to Matthew and Charlotte 🙂 With all the current drama in the U.S regarding Donald Trump and his Twitter Feeds – the man has no filter – it was refreshing to read a story that was uplifting, refreshing and full of love and hope. I actually read this two-part series back the front thinking each was a stand alone story – wrong. To make sense of how the pair met and how Matt came to be one of the most powerful men on earth, I had to go back to the beginning.

If you haven’t read Mr President, let me give you a quick catch up. Charlotte and Matthew have known each other since they were kids. Growing up in Washington DC with each of their parents holding prominent political positions, it was not at all surprising that both of them chose a similar path. After Matthew chose to run for President he asked Charlotte to join his political campaign. The attraction was there from the get-go and falling in love. Well it was inevitable considering how much they had in common, and how closely the pair worked together 😉

But like any good love story, it wasn’t all smooth sailing and by the time I reached the end of the book I was left wondering if there was any hope the pair could work things out. I mean, how hard could it be maintaining a relationship with the President of the United States? So he won’t be home all the time, and would have to leave at a moments notice…. love can flourish under those conditions right? Hmmm.


In Commander-in-Chief, Matthew may have won the election but he had lost the one person who meant the most to him. but how does the most powerful man find the time to be with the woman he loves? By enlisting the help of the secret service and offering his former assistant a role that puts her right under his roof, and when ever he gets the opportunity, under the cosy sheets of his bed! Being Americas most loved president and swoon worthy bachelor to boot was fun to read but it was Matthews love for Charlotte that stole the show.

But Matthew isn’t happy having Charlotte working for him, he wants her in every way possible. The media soon falls in love with the pair and everyone is asking questions – is something going on between them? Charlotte is scared their affair will cause a scandal and in the light of day she tried to keep a professional distance, but Matthew won’t have it. Life’s not easy at the top, but when you want something so bad you will do whatever it takes to make sure it works. So how can Matthew rectify the situation? By making Charlotte the First Lady of course 😉

Commander-in-Chief was a great story to read, but I do have a bit of a bone to pick. The story needed a little more drama. SPOILERS – Some of the dilemmas that were brushed over could have been developed to add more depth to the story such as Matthews investigation into the death of his father, it was lightly brushed over. I couldn’t help but wonder why bother put in into the story to start with?!! The birth of his first child was a little to smooth, Charlotte should have been more upset about what happened. The incident could have been expanded on. The bombing in the Middle East was also brushed over, it was frustrating as the story needed to know more about what he faced as The President. That said, it was still a wonderful story and one I highly recommend.


Amazon Premise – The second installment of the White House Series, from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Katy Evans.

We fell in love during the campaign.
The stakes were high.
Reputations could have been ruined.
Scandal hovered over us like a cloud.
Now the man I love is the President of the United States of America.
And its not my vote he is after.
He wants it all.
My heart. My body. My soul.
He wants me by his side.
In the White House.
Normalcy will be gone from my life, privacy forgotten.
I am only twenty three. I just wanted to play a part in history. But it seems like history wasn’t done with me. The part where I lost my heart to Matthew Hamilton? It was only the beginning…


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Amazon Books


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