The Art of Verbal Seduction

I don’t know of any woman, or man, who does not like to be seduced! True… and before you think it’s silly, or that you know all there is to it, I want you to picture this. You’re sitting on the couch, watching same trashy show on tv. You’re bored, have had a crappy day at work and you just want to be left alone. You’re contemplating making a cup of coffee when your wife walks past you towards the television. She is wrapped in her tattered old dressing gown that has seen better days. She lifts the remote and turns the television off. You are about to ask what she is doing when she turns around to face you.

You recognise that look in her eyes, that cheeky smile on her face. She walks over to you, her hips swaying left to right and you forget all about your crappy day. As she seats herself on your lap, her knees on either side of your hips she leans forward and whispers into your ear hot words of passion and excitement. You feel a little movement under her lap and recognise the twitching for what it is… your wife is about to give you a ride on the wild side 😉

That my friend is a perfect example of seduction. It’s not about ripping each others clothes off and finding the nearest flat surface… although that can be fun… it is about taking your time and tempting your loved one. You want to give him, or her, something to think about. Something that will put a smile on their face each time they remember the interaction. You want to get them all hot and bothered and looking forward to another bout of spontaneity.

You don’t have to look like Chris Pratt or Candice Swanepoel to pull it off, all you need is a little imagination and a dash of courage. Here are a few more examples :

For the girls –

You’re walking through the supermarket and you want to give him a thrill. Go to the personal hygiene section and choose a tube of lubrication. Walk up to him and run the end of the tube along his nose. Move in real close, look him directly in the eyes and tell him you are going to give him a massage when you get home, starting with one his most “strained” muscles. Give him a wink and make a show of placing the tube in the shopping trolley. Spend the rest of your time together bending over suggestively while selecting items 😉

For the guys –

Make a playlist of intimate ballads, songs or artists you know your wife or girlfriend likes listening to. If you are not sure, take a sneak peek through her iTunes to find out. Artists such as Maroon 5, Nickelback, Ed Sheeran, Jennifer Hudson and Bruno Mars have great romantic songs. Fifty Shades Darker is a good soundtrack to have, perfect for times like these 🙂 Looking for something a little older – Josh Kelley or Keith Urban have some wonderful tunes. When she arrives home, sit down and enjoy a glass of bubbly together. Sit back in your chair and get comfortable. When you have her attention, let a little of your drink drip down your chin. Make a slow effort to wipe it with your finger and lick it off. Better still, collect the liquid on the end of your finger and wipe it across her lips, then softly lick it off whispering intimate words.

The art of verbal seduction is simply this – not being afraid to try something new, something different and something spontaneous. Take your time and be enticing. You want to tease your partners senses. Use your body to get in close and use your voice as a tool. Speak softly, let them feel the heat of your breath. Use your hands to gently touch and arouse their body. When you say something, try not to use offensive or crude words – use intimate words such as “Your mouth feels so soft”, “You taste so sweet, I want to taste more of you” or “I can’t wait to feel your body move and shiver beneath mine”.

Seduction is all about stimulating the mind, not just the body. You want to create a level of intimacy that will keep your partner hanging on everything you say and do, and you want to create a memorable event to remember for a long time to come.

x x x

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