Most Memorable Australian Television Couples

Before we had reality shows like Master Chef and Farmer Wants a Wife, we had good old-fashioned romance and drama to entertain us. Snuggling up on our lounge room couches, we watched our partners squirm, hoot and give a wink when our favourite couples shared a passionate embrace. The kids would say things like “that’s gross” but for us mum’s watching, we couldn’t get enough of it 😉 Over the years there have been so many wonderful couples that have graced our screen, but today I want to take a walk down memory lane to share some of my favourites.

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Packed to the Rafters – Ben Rafter (Hugh Sheridan) and Melissa Bannon (Zoe Ventoura)

When Ben and Mel hooked up in a drunken one-night-stand during the first season, I knew it was game on. There was no way the shows producers would turn a blind eye to their chemistry. Housemates – yeah right! 😉 It was only a matter of time before these two moved into the same room and stopped fighting their attraction. When Ben thought Mel was pregnant and bought her flowers, I think most of Australia went awwwww. Ben did everything he could to convince Mel to let down her walls and let him into her heart, and it paid off when the two walked down the aisle and declared their love for each other towards the end of the second season. But it wasn’t meant to be… 2.3 million viewers watched as Mel drove through a stop sign and got clipped by another car. As Ben sat waiting for her in the hotel room, millions of viewers across Australia shed many tears.

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Sea Change – Diver Dan (David Wenhem) and Laura Gibson (Sigrid Thornton)

The show may have had a short run, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. It was so much fun watching Laura, the high-flying corporate lawyer and Diver Dan, the free-spirited cafe owner get nipped in the tooshy by cupid 🙂 They tried to fight it, but the more they came in contact with each other the more viewers knew it was only a matter of time until they hooked up 😉 You can’t fight attraction, and despite the fact that these two were different in every way imaginable, it proved once and for all that opposites really do attract. Laura and Dan were such a fun and engaging pair, shame he had to leave in the second season and travel some silly tropical islands. Sheesh – talk about spoiling our fun 🙂

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Offspring – Patrick Reid (Matthew Le Nevez) and Nina Proudman (Asher Keddie)

One of the cutest pairs ever to grace our screens, Patrick and his co-worker Nina had enough chemistry to set the camera crew on fire. Watching those two kiss, cuddle, roll and tumble left me frustrated on more than one occasion 😉 Why don’t anaesthetics look like Patrick? “I’ll have him thanks” 😉 and Nina, oh Nina, she was so lovely. Yeah, I can see how they got together 🙂 Their love was put to the test on more than one occasion, with both characters being visited by old flames and the pressure of promotions taking a toll. But despite it all, they always found a way back to each other. In the final episode of series 3, when Patrick and Nina found out they were having a baby, you could hear viewers going “Awwww” but like everything in tv land, being together forever wasn’t mean to be. When Patrick was hit by a car in Season 4, the blood pressure of viewers across Australia went through the roof. 1.3 million viewers reached for their tissues and cursed their flat screen tv’s.

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Blue Heelers – “PJ” Hasham (Martin Sacks) and Maggie Doyle (Lisa McCune).

I thought PJ was the best thing since sliced bread! I actually had the chance to meet and speak to Martin at Mount Hotham when the cast of Blue Heelers were filming a promotional segment. I don’t think I blinked the entire time. Come to think of it, I may have drooled a little, but hey – can you blame me? I’m only human 😉 Do you remember the very first episode of Blue Heelers? When PJ pulled Maggie over and asked her to blow into his stick? Come on people – get your brain out of the gutter! 😉 He was giving Maggie a breathalyser…. but it was obvious from the very first time they met that these two would be sharing more than breathalyser sticks and shoe polish, even being trapped together in a mine during season 4 couldn’t pull them apart. When Maggie was shot and left to die in the arms of PJ during the seventh season, viewers cried for the loss of the blonde cop from the country.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 8.30.45 pm

A Country Practice – Brendan Jones (Shane Withington) and Molly Jones (Anne Tenney).

Who would have thought that a curly-haired male nurse and an outgoing country bumpkin would fall in love and win over the hearts of viewers across Australia. But that was what happened when two of the shows beloved characters got together. I loved this show so much, I loved watching the funny things that Molly did, from tieing herself to a gumtree to falling ass over chasing Fatso the wombat, there was never a dull moment when it come to these lovebirds. When Molly and Brendan got married it was so beautiful to watch, and when they had their daughter Chloe, it just made everything that came after so bittersweet. Molly died after a traumatic 10-week battle with leukaemia, it was one of the saddest moments on television. 2.2 million people watched as Brendan let go of the kite he was flying with their daughter Chloe and ran towards his dieting wife as she closed her yes for the last time.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 8.36.28 pm

Now I am a big softy and I just love listening and reading romantic stories, so I was rather surprised when I found out Shane (who played Brendan) and Anne (who played Molly) actually fell in love and got married in real life. Did you know? I never knew until I was researching information for this article. I was so caught up in making sure I got their names right that when I read about these two getting hitched after the show was finished, I was incredibly surprised… and the gooey side of me just went awww 😉 And to top of this little story, they both had a daughter in real life. Her name is Madeline and she is now 24 years old. She has followed both her parents foot steps and has a small role on her fathers show – Home and Away. Incredible – right? 🙂

I hope you enjoyed taking a walk down memory lane with me. If you can think of any other couples, please leave a comment and share your memories with us.

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