The Bombed Out Bachelor

Earlier today, my eldest daughter asked me if I still watch The Bachelor. I actually went mind black – I couldn’t think of what she was referring to. The what?!?!? She burst out laughing and reminded me of the days when I forbid anyone using the television downstairs, so I could sit front and centre and watch the drama unfold to my heart’s content. Aggh – that show! I could do no other than scoff…I mean really – what more could I say? I still watch it? I still love the show? Get into all the details of who is undermining who and which contestant has a shady past? I would rather drink curdled milk….

Gone are the days I would sit glued to the tv watching all the contestants flaunt and fawn over Mr Gorgeous and Single. These days I would rather watch Netflix or download the latest romantic suspense from Amazon Kindle. Watch The Bachelor? Hell no! If an ant crawled across my keyboard and got a leg stuck in a key, it would be more exciting than watching that rubbish!

Current Bachelor Matty J

So what went wrong? For me, the show lost its spark, its authenticity, its honesty and above all the romance. It had become this tacky platform for guys and girls to win 15 minutes of fame. That whatever air time they received would be enough to catapult them into some new-found celebrity success. To win a lucrative deal with a model agency, the opportunity to join a radio station or perhaps host a tv show. Whatever their dreams, it was obvious love was not high on their agendas.

Oh, I know what your thinking – but its a reality show! I know, but when you watch the first few seasons, and compare them to now, it is no longer the same. Read the bio’s of the contestants on this seasons show – rhythmic gymnast champion, former Australian hockey player, fashion brand manager, marketing manager, model, singer, musical performer… they want to find love – yeah right!!!

The final nail in the coffin was the announcement that Sophie Monk would be the next Bachelorette. Sophie Monk is a bleeping actress for goodness sake, why would she want to be the next Bachelorette? I can only think of one reason, and it has nothing to do with red roses or saying “I do”.  Can you say the word ‘publicity’ anyone…. hmmm. Where are all the single ladies? All the normal Aussie women who don’t want their own fragrance or spot on Sunrise? Are they scared, or do they simply have no ulterior motive and therefore deemed too boring?

The Bachelor was once a romantic, roses and champagne kind of show. When being whisked away for an intimate dinner for two was exciting to watch and left viewers like me feeling lighthearted. It was fun to sit around the flat screen with my friends and family and choose who we thought would make the best couples, and watch as friendships blossomed into something more. It is sad to think that the show is no longer about personalities and finding Mr Right. That it is more about cat fights, back stabbing and who has the best hair!

The Bachelor should be named Tacky Entrepreneurial Tactics, because that is all the show is these days. A platform for building contestants own brands, hidden behind the flimsy guise of finding love. And viewers like me have had enough! I want to see a new format, not some rehashed version of the same rubbish. Something authentic, fun yet endearing and entertaining. I want to get excited about something again, about someone who genuinely deserves it. Come on Australia – can’t we do better?

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  1. I have to agree, these guys are definitely in it for themselves. But it is reality TV. I just read on today’s news that. A previous winner is now in a same sex relationship. Now I don’t have a problem with that, good luck to her, but does it really need to be splashed over a trashy tabloid magazine. No doubt she sold her soul for a few $$.
    This almost ties into your book review title “until it fades” lol! Anyway, great writing again!


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