Reese Witherspoon’s New Romantic Comedy

Reese has a new movie coming out next month and it looks fabulous! So fabulous that I have spit on the monitor of my MacBook! I couldn’t help it – it was Reese’s fault!!! 🙂 The noise that came out of her wind pipe catapulted me back in time, like 16 years, to her hit romantic comedy Legally Blonde. Remember the scene when Elle’s boyfriend Warner breaks up with her in the middle of the restaurant and she broke down into that pitiful cry? It was like a mouse that had hiccups… Well, that noise was back, and I couldn’t help but burst out laughing, with a mouthful of coffee!

After rewatching the first 7 seconds about 20 times (I can feel a meme coming on), I thought I would give my stomach muscles a rest and watch the rest of the teaser. I loved meeting Reese’s new character Alice, a newly separated mother of two who has decided to move back home to Los Angeles to recoup and begin the next chapter in her life. Life of course throws her a few curve balls, and by the time her 40th birthday rolls around, she decides to go out, stop worrying and let her hair down.

What happens when you fill up on bubbly, enjoy the attention of a gorgeous young man who is giving you 100% of his attention and decide to throw caution to the wind? Why take him home of course 😉 One thing leads to another and not only does she have one good looking single man in her home, but three! Just to throw a spanner in the works her ex husband turns up on her door step and what you have is a family arrangement that makes the Brady Bunch look boring!

How does a woman meet a guy, get to know a guy and spend time with a guy when there are more than one vying for your attention? And in front of your ex? It sounds a tad complicated, rather frustrating and more importantly… entertaining! Alice has her hands full, and when the movie hits cinemas across Australia in October I will be front and centre with my freshly made pop-corn, frozen coke and fellow chick-flick companions in tow.

Movie stars – Reese (of course), Michael Sheen (Passengers, Underworld), Lake Bell (It’s Complicated, What Happens in Vegas), Candice Bergen (Miss Congeniality, Bride Wars) and Reid Scott (Dean). Visit your local cinemas website for further details.

x x x

oh, p.s… here is a quiz question for you – Candice Bergen co-starred with Reese in a Rom-Com back in the 90’s. Do you remember what the movie was called? Hint, it was based down south…

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