Top Gun 2: What About Charlie?

Ever since Tom Cruise announced on Australia’s morning show Sunrise back in May that Top Gun’s sequel “is definitely happening” the world has gone into one hell of a spin. Everyone has been trying to get the latest scoop. When will it be filmed? What will the sequel be called? What will it be about? When will it be released? There are so many articles online it is almost ridiculous. But out of all the articles I have found, there is no mention on whether or not Kelly McGillis will be reprising her role of Mavericks love interest.

There are plenty of photos of what Kelly looks like now, and even a few nasty comments. Honestly, so what, she has grey hair, get over it! The woman is 60 years old, you can’t look like a damn teenager forever! There are a few silly online articles regarding Kelly’s desire to walk away from movies after Top Gun, but you only have to look at her IMDB profile to see she has continued to make movies and even starred in a few prominent televisions roles. But I can’t find any information on what kind of role she might have in the sequel.

I recently downloaded Top Gun on Bigpond Movies, cranked up the surround sound stereo (to the frustration of our neighbours) and remembered what it was like to feel the need – the need for speed 😉 That opening scene – watching those fighter jets take off from the platform on the USS Enterprise, and let’s not forget the theme music… I felt the same adrenaline rush and excitement as I did back in 1986!

When Tom’s character serenaded Kelly’s character Charlie, singing “You’ve lost that loving feeling…” in the bar in front of both their peers, my heart leapt and I swooned just like I did when I was 14 years old! And Maverick trying to charm his way out of every arrogant, silly thing he did, I still wanted to kiss that smug look right off his face 😉 oh, and remember when Maverick kissed Charlie on the back of his bike? Even after all these years, I still rewound that scene, just so I could watch it a few more times…

Charlie was such a head strong role model for young women in the 80’s. She taught me that you could wear heels and red lipstick and still be taken seriously in a workplace dominated by men. That you could be a flight instructor and roll with the big boys, and that you could also go after what you want and have a little fun 😉 I know that Charlie wasn’t supposed to get involved with her students, but it wasn’t the end of the world. To know that Maverick wasn’t the only one pushing the limits was exciting, and a breath of fresh air in movies of that time.

But what about now? Now that we know Maverick is coming back, I am sure I am not the only woman who wants to know: what happened to Charlie? The end scene in Top Gun showed us that Charlie had either returned to the base, or perhaps never left… and that she had to see Mav one more time. Did she stay, or did she go? Did she take that job at Washington? I know Hollywood has this fascination with not showing women getting older, and the likelihood that older Charlie will still be chasing after Mav in her Porsche 356 Speedster will be highly unlikely, but I still want her to have some kind of role.

Charlie was a pivotal character in the movie, and considering the way the movie ended, we need to know what become of her. Does she still have a place in Maverick’s heart? Are they still friends? Is there some kind of reunion in the movie, an investigation perhaps that requires Charlie’s input and expertise? Top Gun wasn’t just about fighter pilots and half-naked guys playing volleyball… it was about becoming the person you are supposed to be. About not being afraid and going after what you want. The movie was just as much about relationships and learning to trust and respect one another as it was about tactics and warfare. Little Mavericks-juniors or not, let’s hope the sequel doesn’t forget about Charlie.

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  1. I think this movie was at the forefront of using sex to sell a story. Hot guys wearing aviators ( which appear to be back in fashion ) and of course Charlie. Yeah, I probably had a crush on her, smooth, intelligent and sophisticated. She was all class, and very hot! But does she need to be in this movie, I think not. Romance was the sub plot to the original and to include that again isn’t necessary. If there is a romantic notion, maybe a hot female top gun pilot falls in love a with a sailor, I don’t know, mix it up a bit. Same sex? Or is that getting too PC, lol. I just hope they don’t ruin the sequel!


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