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Meet Julie-Ann…

Hi, I am the face behind MRA and most of those witty and informative articles you enjoy reading. I am a romantic – surprise surprise – who enjoys getting out of the house and finding fabulous new coffee shops and cosy restaurants. I also love chocolate which is annoying…why can’t chocolate be a necessary vitamin, like carrots and broccoli? 😉 I also enjoy walking along the beach in the afternoon, and once I return home, a nice glass of bubbly with my man Mitchell never goes to waste.

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Girls day out, shopping in the city.

I have two wonderful girls whom I think the world of, but they are growing up so fast. Occasionally when Mitchell is at work and my daughters are visiting class mates, I will arrange a night out with friends. We might meet up at a bar or restaurant in the city, or have a fun night out enjoying Flicks With The Chicks. When I am not dragging Mitchell or friends around the city going to concerts or exhibitions, I tend to just relax at home reading a book. I don’t watch much tv…it’s all the same rubbish. Give me a good romantic book any day 🙂

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Mitchell and I San Francisco

My Romance Addiction started out as a bit of fun. Would anyone really take any notice of my babbling?…I guess so. It has been a year and my site is growing each day. More and more people are finding me online and enjoying my articles. All I ever wanted to do was inject a bit of fun into peoples lives. Theres so much drama in the world today, I understand that we need to be aware of what is going on in our world but really…we need more of a balance. We need more fun, more light hearted entertainment and a bit more romance 😉

Julie Ann x x x


Mitchell and I Fitzroy Gardens Melbourne