The Original Feminist Miss Prissy

It’s 11.30am and I still haven’t had a shower and let me tell you, I need to rectify that situation asap! 🙂 And it’s not because I slept in, or because I couldn’t be bothered, it is because of Youtube! Yep – that video sharing website is the reason why I smell so badly! I was actually… Continue Reading

10 of The Most Bizarre Dating Shows

Let’s face it, dating shows can be entertaining. Some of you may tell your friends they are nothing but trash, but I bet you race home after work just so you can find out who each contestant is. I have 🙂 You analyse their hair, their clothes even how they introduce themselves… we can’t help ourselves.… Continue Reading

Dear Romance Novel Snobs – Screw You!

Bravo Bravo!!! Hand this girl a martini!! It is so nice to find someone else out there educating silly people and spreading support and love to those of us that already know better. If you are new to this blog then welcome 🙂 If you enjoy romance in all its forms – books, movies, dating ideas,… Continue Reading

Married At First Site Contestant Not Happy!

Married At First Site contestant Simone Brennan is not happy, and she is not afraid to speak her mind on her own website titled Simone Lee Brennan – Makeup Artist. If you thought her blog was all about eye shadows, lip gloss and the best moisturiser to be found online – think again! Simone has a… Continue Reading

Celebrity Best Wishes For The New Year

Twitter can be frustrating yet incredibly addictive. It’s amazing how quickly times flies by when your checking your social media channels. I had no idea the sun was setting until my youngest daughter mentioned food. I was thinking of a witty comeback – something along the lines of buying worming tablets – when I noticed it was in fact… Continue Reading

Guy Sebastian Set In Stone

I normally don’t read trashy magazines. Why? Because 9 times out of 10, what you read is made up or over exaggerated crap! Take my recent trip to Woolworths for example. I was standing in line at my local supermarket when I saw written on the front page of Woman’s Day latest magazine the heading “Who’s… Continue Reading

Rebbecca and Chris Judd Welcome Twin Boys

It was only last night that I was wondering when Rebecca Judd was going to have her babies… and then ‘hello’, today I read she finally welcomed her twin boys, Darcy and Tom into the world. About time! 🙂 Last time I watched Rebecca present the weekend weather on the Nine Network I thought if she sneezed it… Continue Reading

Yankee Game Proposal Goes Awry

Imagine this – your out with your boyfriend enjoying a Yankees baseball game when suddenly your boyfriend gets down on one knee and presents a little velvet-black box. You are surrounded by thousands of people and many of those around you are watching your face to see how you react. Suddenly your boyfriend gets up and… Continue Reading

Lingerie Ad Resembles Porn?!! Really?!!!

When I read article – “Bras N Things forced to pull Playboy lingerie ad after complaints it resembled ‘amateur porn” I couldn’t help but wonder, what is the world coming to?! If you haven’t seen the ad, I have attached the clip above for your perusal and so that you can contribute to this discussion. The… Continue Reading

The Wise Words of Gerald G May

I don’t know how I managed it, but I started off searching for information regarding Tom Hanks new movie Sully and ended up reading about Gerald G May! WTH??!! I am excited for Tom’s new movie but know I have this buzz zipping through my veins. I should be feeling a slow sensual burn but… Continue Reading

Till Death Do Us Part

To my regular readers… you may recall the story I wrote back in April this year of Mick and Sarah – Dementia Hasn’t Stopped Mick Loving His Wife. For those that don’t remember, Sarah was diagnosed with Younger Onset Dementia 4 years ago, a terrible disease for which there is currently no cure. Statistics say there are approximately 25,000… Continue Reading

Rio Lovers: Diver Celebrates With Diamonds

The world let out a collective ‘Awww’ earlier today when Chinese diver Qin Kai surprised his girlfriend with a special presentation of his own. He-Zi had just finished receiving a silver medal for her women’s springboard competition when her boyfriend walked up to the podium and proceeded to get down on his knee. In front of the… Continue Reading