The Bombed Out Bachelor

Earlier today, my eldest daughter asked me if I still watch The Bachelor. I actually went mind black – I couldn’t think of what she was referring to. The what?!?!? She burst out laughing and reminded me of the days when I forbid anyone using the television downstairs, so I could sit front and centre… Continue Reading

What Does It Mean To Be Romantic?

I was walking with friends through the city when the partner of one of my close friends swooped her up and gave her a big wet kiss on the lips. I thought his little performance was adorable and so I told them “Awww, you two are romantic!” they both froze and looked at me like… Continue Reading

The Art of Verbal Seduction

I don’t know of any woman, or man, who does not like to be seduced!¬†True… and before you think it’s silly, or that you know all there is to it, I want you to picture this. You’re sitting on the couch, watching same trashy show on tv. You’re bored, have had a crappy day at… Continue Reading

Who Should Make The First Move?

One of the most interesting things to happen to me this week was listening to a group of 20 somethings discuss dating. I couldn’t help but think “Was I like this at their age?” I had a sudden urge to call my friends and family and apologise for being so young and naive ūüôā I… Continue Reading

10 Reasons Why Guys Love Romance

Get ready for it – I’m about to tell you a little secret, are you ready for it? here it comes…. Guys can be romantic! No, I’m not being condescending or stupid – but I did want to get your attention. You see after years of being a woman and talking to my many friends… Continue Reading

Saying Something Stupid Like I Love You

How can three simple words – I Love You – scare the¬†wits¬†out of even the most confident of people? It sounds silly doesn’t it?! …but even I have had difficulty¬†saying those three simple words. It shouldn’t be so damn hard, yet at times I have felt nervous¬†saying them out loud. I have actually experienced anxiety… Continue Reading

Are Dating Apps Good For Your Health?

I was glad Australia was¬†caught up in the Trump v’s Clinton election, because I was sick and tired of listening to the news and hearing¬†Gable Tostee’s name. We all¬†know he has been found¬†not guilty of killing Tinder date Warriena Wright, but that doesn’t mean we can forget what happened. A young woman fell to her… Continue Reading

20 Creative Romantic Ideas

I recently came across an article that mentioned some wonderful romantic things to do with your partner and I honestly thought what?!! Brushing each others teeth…. that’s not romantic, that damn weird!¬†Could you imagine – “Hold still, keep your mouth open and don’t swallow” doesn’t sound right with a mouth full of minty foam now… Continue Reading

Does Romance Exist?

I was listening to Neil Mitchell discuss romance on 3AW this morning and couldn’t help but burst out laughing. It was completely silly of me really, but I just couldn’t wrap my mind around the hard-hitting journalist and radio personality walking into Myers and looking for the perfect pair of lacy briefs for his wife.… Continue Reading

Is Your Love Written In The Stars?

I was on the Pandora jewellery website earlier today looking for¬†something significant for my birthday next month when I noticed some gorgeous charms (like that was going to be difficult). One was a design of a small book and reading glasses (how appropriate) and the other was an astrological sign. The Scorpio Openwork Charm looked¬†beautiful… Continue Reading

Guest Post: How To Make Guys Chase You

I love shoes, bags, accessories and all things fashion (because I‚Äôm a girl. So I also adore pillow fights and eat ice cream out of the tub without putting on weight, right?!). But seriously, I do love leather goods, especially designer leather goods. Just over a year ago I set my sights on a cornflower… Continue Reading

Traditional Wedding Vows To Inspire You

Starting to think of your big day and you’re not sure of what kind of service you want? Maybe¬†a quiet ceremony on the beach or an intimate service overlooking¬†looking a picturesque mountain range? Perhaps¬†you’re looking for something more traditional a la Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge ūüôā If the later is more your style,… Continue Reading

The Best Advice My Mother Gave Me

I used to joke that the best advice my mother ever gave me was to never¬†fry anything¬†in the nude ūüėČ Aside from my mum’s¬†entertaining¬†words of wisdom, the best advice she¬†ever gave me was “Don’t sweat the small stuff”. Yes,¬†don’t burn your¬†boobs off was pretty good advice, and I can honestly say I have never cooked… Continue Reading